Smart BRO Flexitime – For Practical Internet Users On The Go



Unlimited Data is not for everyone. There are some users who just want to check their emails, Facebook & Twitter updates for a few minutes per day.

And there are also other people who are hooked on to the WiFi connection of their homes and offices. For them, paying a high monthly fee for an Unlimited Data plan is impractical for their type of usage.

So it’s a good thing Smart introduced Smart BRO Flexitime, which is a way for practical subscribers to use the service whenever they need it at very affordable rates. Subscribers of Smart BRO Flexitime will be happy to know that they will be able to maximize their data usage as they will only be charged for the minutes they consume.

Check out the rates here:

Flexitime /Consumable per Minute



2 hours

1 day


3 hours

1 day


5 hours

3 days


12 hours

7 days


To illustrate Smart BRO Flexitime’s “consumable per minute”, let’s have my friend Jasmine, a fellow Smart BRO user as an example.


On Monday, Jasmine subscribed to Smart BRO Flexitime for Php 100 which is consumable for 12 hours and valid up to 7 days. She decided to go to her mom’s house which does not have an internet connection, so she turned on her Smart BRO Pocket WiFi to check on her Facebook and Twitter accounts and some light surfing for 50 minutes. She turned it off before going home. How many hours left so far in her Smart BRO prepaid account? 11 hours and 10 minutes.


On Tuesday, Jas went to her favorite mall and she wanted to talk to her BFF based in the U.S. She opened her Smart BRO Pocket WiFi again, paired her phone and talked to her best friend in the U.S. with WhatsApp for 3 hours. How many hours left? 8 hours and 10 minutes.


On Wednesday, Jas met with her friends at a coffee shop and used her Pocket WiFi to share her connection with her friends for 3 hours. After turning off her Pocket WiFi, Jas still has 5 hours and 10 minutes left.


She went to Makati for a meeting with a client and paired her laptop with her Pocket WiFi for an hour. She went to a coffee shop afterwards and paired her laptop again with her Pocket WiFi for another 2 hours to do some work. Before meeting up with friends, she turned off her Pocket WiFi which now has 2 hours and 10 minutes left.


Jasmine posted a few status messages on her Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as a couple of selfies on Instagram thanks to her Smart BRO connection. She did this for 15 minutes in the morning, 12 minutes in the afternoon and 13 minutes in the evening. Available time left on her Smart BRO = 1 hour and 30 minutes.


Jasmine decided not to be online for the day, so her remaining time on her Smart BRO account remains intact at 1 hour and 30 minutes.


It’s a great day to be in a park, Jasmine went over there to relax and used the remaining hours on her Smart BRO connection to download some relaxing music from Spinnr.

With Jasmine’s lifestyle, her 100 pesos worth of Smart BRO Flexitime load was stretched to 7 days. The good thing about this is she was still able to get the fast download speed of Smart BRO which is available almost everywhere in the country!

To subscribe to Smart BRO Flexitime, just text FLEXITIME (Amount) and send to 2200. Need more information about Smart BRO Flexitime? Click on this link

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