Smart Announces Pricing for iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c



Smart announced 2 weeks ago that they will offer the new iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s on November 15.

Our question then was about the pricing for their postpaid plans. Well, here it is one week before it becomes available in the market!

The iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c will be offered under Smart Postpaid’s Freedom Plan, All-In Plans 500, 800, 1200, 1800 and 2500; iPhone Plans 999 and 2499; and UnliData Plans 1500, 2000 and 3000. Infinity Plan subscribers can enjoy premium perks and services when they avail of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c under plans 3500, 5000 and 8000.

The iPhone 5c will be available in 16GB and 32 GB variants while the iPhone 5s will be offered in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB models. Subscribers can get any color of the iPhone 5c (16 GB) for only P1,499 a month with the iPhone Plan 999. The Php 999 monthly service fee plus Php 500 device amortization will be charged on the subscriber’s credit card unlike in previous years where subscribers pay on top of their plans. iPhone Plan 999 already comes with 40 free call minutes, 100 free SMS and unlimited data connection.

Those who need more voice minutes and SMS, the iPhone 5c (16 GB) can be availed with an UnliData Plan 1500 with a P2,500 cash-out. The UnliData Plan 1500 comes with unlimited data connection plus 60 free all-net minutes and 120 free all-net SMS.

Meanwhile, those interested in the iPhone 5s can get the 16GB model for only P1,799 a month with the iPhone Plan 999. Like the iPhone 5c, the Php 800 device amortization will be charged on the subscriber’s credit card. The iPhone 5s (16GB) is also available at UnliData Plan 2000 with a P2,500 cash-out. UnliData Plan 2000 comes with unlimited data connection plus 150 free all-net minutes and 200 free all-net SMS.

For Smart Infinity subscribers, the iPhone 5s (16GB) at Plan 5000 comes with 2 VIP tickets to Wicked or PhP14,000 worth of gift certificates. Plan 8000 subscribers meanwhile get both the iPhone 5s (32GB) and iPhone 5C (16GB).

“We are very excited to offer the most forward-thinking and the most-colorful iPhones to our subscribers. With Smart’s flexible postpaid plan selections and unbeatable LTE-powered network, we’re committed to bringing the best iPhone experience to Filipinos who want superior network service in order to get the most from their devices,” said Kathy Carag, head of Smart’s postpaid business group.

Carag said that exclusive offers await those who will subscribe to Smart’s iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c packages on November 15th. She added that existing Smart Postpaid subscribers who wish to subscribe to an iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c package but are still under contract may opt for Smart’s WipeOut program where they can upgrade to an iPhone without waiting for their active contract to expire.

Here’s the new iPhone Plan Price Matrix for you guys to check out!



Computing the amortization of the iPhone 5c 16GB which is Php 500 per month x 24 months would give us a total of Php 12,000.00. That’s way, way cheaper than what the stalls in Greenhills or online stores are selling! Now, if we compute the iPhone 5s 16GB with a monthly amortization of Php 800 x 24 months, the total amount is just Php 19,200.00! Unbelievable!

Noticed I didn’t include the MSF (monthly service fees) in the computation? It doesn’t have to be. Users subscribe to different postpaid plans for their own specific needs and it’s a given that they need to pay for their MSF to make calls, send SMS and use data. The common mistake of people including the MSF in their computation comparing to those units being sold in online stores or in Greenhills is that the latter don’t even come with a Telco contract. Even if people are going to use their prepaid service, they still need to top-up on a weekly or monthly basis, right? And that too still involves cost.


If you are getting a new subscription, refer to this infographic provided by Smart:

Infographic - Smart New Subscribers


And if you are an existing Smart postpaid subscriber, this is what you need to do:

Infographic - Smart Retention Subscribers

There is no early retention (Smart doesn’t offer it anymore) but subscribers can go for a WIPEOUT option. Just a tip: If in case you sent an SMS for WIPEOUT and you were told that you are not qualified, don’t be discouraged right away. I strongly suggest that you visit your favorite Smart Store right away!

For more information please visit and for information on iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c packages for Smart Infinity, please visit Visit: for more information about the new iPhones.

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