Samsung’s 7 Tips for Going Live on Instagram

Nowadays, it’s all about aiming for that perfect travel photo and sharing happenings in real time. And we can do just that, on the most popular social media platform for Generation Z – Instagram!

Check out these pro-tips to create a memorable Instagram feed:

  1. Have a niche. Select a topic that your followers can distinguish your creativity. Whether its food, beauty, or travel, and stick to it. This way, followers will know what to expect and those interested in the topic can become new and even loyal fans.
  2. Compose the shot. Strategize first before starting the live video, frame it and decide what will be included. Consider the background as it can add an interesting layer to the content. You can shoot in a garden, a coffee shop, or even in the comfort of your home.
  3. Make the most of natural light. My personal favorite is the golden hour since it makes your skin look dewy and fresh without applying too much make up on. Lighting is key to a great live video and natural is the best way to go, indeed. Shooting outdoors or next to a window to take the best possible video is advisable. Cloudy skies are also helpful since it diffuses sunlight to make livestreams look less harsh.
  4. Add depth to keep it interesting. Depth is perfect for product reviews. A good idea is to add layers by using other objects in the background or the foreground. This can be visually pleasing, especially if the elements complement each other.
  5. Create an outline. Thinking of a blueprint is the best way to have a solid plan to avoid rambling. It doesn’t have to be a script, but a guideline that you can base upon that can help you broadcast easier.
  6. Test sound and video quality. Checking video quality is a must, before going live with followers. In that way fans would be able to watch and listen clearly. Avoid crowded and noisy places so it doesn’t distract the video.
  7. Be yourself. Keep it real and authentic. Viewers love the #NoFilter scenes of famous bloggers. Like, filming without make up, flaunting yourself even if you have a pimple, cracking a few jokes or just simply interact with them to make it feel like a real conversation.

Looking for a smartphone that can help you ace that next Instagram post? The Samsung Galaxy A50 and A30 are designed to let Millennials do their thing! The all-around triple camera of the Galaxy A50 includes a 25MP Low Light Camera with an 8MP Ultra-Wide lens. Lastly, professional-looking bokeh portraits can be achieved with the 5MP Live Focus camera, which you can manually adjust background blur. Each snap is ready for Instagram with the Galaxy A50’s Scene Optimizer feature. You can step up your selfie game with the phone’s expressive AR emojis. Videos can be elevated with its Slow-mo and Hyperlapse features. Vloggers can also shoot with the smartphone’s 123° Ultra-Wide Video lens.

The Galaxy A30 on the other hand is powered by a dual-camera that includes a 16MP Main Camera, a 5MP Live Focus Camera, and an Ultra Wide-angle lens to upgrade one’s phoneoraphy game. Sweet, right? Both devices offer an Infinity U display and a 6.4” Super AMOLED screen, so every type of content can be presented with all its vibrant colors. Its long-lasting 4,000 mAh battery and fast-charging technology support even the heaviest social media user.

What are you waiting for? Boost your next Instagram feed with the Galaxy A50 and A30! And head to your nearest Samsung-authorized store nationwide and online partners Abenson, Argomall, Lazada, Memo Express, and Shopee, with a price tag of PHP 17,990 and PHP 13,990, respectively.

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