SAMSUNG Holds its Number 1 Spot for Top Brand in Asia for the 8th Consecutive Year!

SAMSUNG Electronics still reigns supreme above all brands in Asia, holding down the fort for 8 years and more to come! Results from ‘Asia’s Top 1000 Brands’ annual online survey held by Campaign Asia-Pacific in collaboration with Nielsen ranked SAMSUNG accordingly.

The survey includes a vast number of companies from automotive to retail to apparel. ‘Asia’s Top 1000 Brands’ annual online survey aimed to rank a brand’s reputation in the Asian Market.

In the survey, SAMSUNG aced 6 categories! Such categories include; The most mobile-friendly brand, the strongest local brand, and the brand with the values that best align with those of respondents.

Thus, it goes without saying that SAMSUNG also landed as the premier champion in the mobile phone, TV manufacturer and smart home technology categories.

To establish a balanced survey landscape, it was already anticipated to look out for age, gender and monthly household income of the participants.

Congratulations SAMSUNG!

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