Samsung Galaxy Note 5 BenCab Limited Edition Now Available

I never imagined that an international smartphone brand will release a special edition to honor a Filipino. It seems Samsung want to make a difference this time. Since they are supporting the local arts scene then they must have thought, why not give that honor to the Master of Contemporary Philippine Art. Samsung couldn’t have chosen someone better than Benedicto Cabrera, popularly known as BenCab, one of the Philippines’ National Artist for Visual Arts.

Samsung Mobile Philippines unveiled the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 BenCab Limited Edition which comes in Gold Platinum. It basically has the same specs of the Galaxy Note 5 but with a lot of BenCab extras. It comes with 3 pre-loaded Samsung Art applications, exclusive BenCab artwork wallpapers, a commemorative BenCab in Two Movements micro art book, a special protective case featuring BenCab’s 2007 work Dance Interpretation, a certificate of authenticity, and unique serial number engraving at the back of the device.

“As an artist, I have always dreamt of one day putting up a museum that would show not only my own work, but Philippine tribal art and contemporary works as well. In the end, all that you leave behind is your work, and I believe that the museum will be my legacy, and also my little contribution to the environment. I also recognize that this legacy would be far more meaningful if it can also be experienced, not just seen. So making my work interactive to the audience is like bringing these museums into people’s lives; with the case of the Galaxy Note5, bringing it to them via their smartphones. It is also one way of making the arts more immersive for people who are used to multimedia,” says BenCab.


I’ve seen BenCab make a sketch with a Galaxy Note 5 during a Smart Infinity event last year. I don’t really appreciate art that much, but what he drew in just a matter of a couple of minutes made my jaw drop in amazement! I was like “wow, how did he do that?” I know BenCab is a great guy and I applaud Samsung Philippines for doing this project with him.

Only 1,000 units of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 BenCab Limited Edition will be made available in the market. You can purchase it at ZALORA or go to any Samsung Experience Store.

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