Review: The Devant 65UHD200 Review 4K LED TV

To be honest, I wasn’t really interested in TVs. I still have a couple of old CRT TVs at home and they’re still working fine after all these years. But when I started blogging again about technology, I encouraged myself to learn about the latest technologies applied in today’s TV sets so I can share it to others. Thanks to Finden Technologies, Inc., they loaned me three TVs to review which will be posted in the next several days. First in this series is the Devant 65UHD200.

I started off reviewing the largest TV because I thought everyone in our family will feel happy watching Christmas specials on a large screen in our living room. Also, I received a Sony Playstation 4 as a gift at that time and thought it would be great if I include it in my review of the 65-inch TV.


Built-In ISDB-TYes
BacklightEDGE LED
Display ResolutionUltra HD 3840×2160
Speed ProcessorUltra Smooth Motion
Vivid Motion60Hz
Aspect Ratio16:9
Response Time6ms
ConnectivityWiFi, LAN, 1 USB 3.0, 2 USB 2.0, 2 HDMI 1.4, 2 HDMI 2.0, 2 Antenna Input, 2 A/V Compontent Input, 3.5mm headphone jack
Power Requirement100-240V 50/60Hz AC
Power Consumption196W
Standby Power Consumption<1W


This was absolutely my largest unboxing I’ve ever done in my blogging career. I had to ask our househelp as I am not allowed to lift the box with my left arm (due to medical reasons). It’s impossible to assemble the UHD TV if you don’t have at least another person to help you. The two TV stands were easy to assemble and despite of my househelp’s small figure and my weak health, we were able to make the TV stand on its own.

Because of its enormous size, my next problem was to where to place the UHD TV. Our current cabinet is only good for any TVs with a single stand. Good thing I have a couple of monobloc tables, which I know will make anyone cringe but hey, it’s my living room! So my advice to buyers is, unless you’re going to mount this on your wall, go get a big and long TV cabinet.



The Devant 65UHD200 is the brand’s flagship TV, not just for its size but also because for its looks and features. The front is surrounded by a metallic frame which speaks of high quality, while the back is made of polycarbonate. The two metal stands of the UHD 200 I mentioned earlier are very solid, so there shouldn’t be any worries if it will break of cause the TV to flip over. Overall, I think the simple but modern design of the UHD 200 will merit envious attention from visitors at any living room.

Found at the back of the UHD 200 are a couple of antenna connectors, two sets of A/V ports, 4 HDMI ports (two HDMI 1.4, two HDMI 2.0), and 3 USB ports (two USB 2.0, one USB 3.0.)


There’s no way that this flagship TV of Devant will disappoint any viewers with its display. It supports 4K resolution which is mostly available on Video on Demand services that require fast internet speeds. Thankfully, I have a few 4K files recorded on my ASUS Zenfone 3  and the videos I took in Batanes look really vivid and crisp on the massive 65 inch display! It looked so real, as if I was in Rolling Hills again in front of our living room. Most Full HD videos that I have were automatically upscaled to 4K resolution and they were also a delight to watch as well.

As mentioned earlier, I also used my Sony Playstation PS4 with the UHD 200 to play games. Man, what a joy to play games like NBA2K17, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare on the big screen. One time my dad thought he was watching a movie when I was actually playing Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Having a big TV like a Devant 65 UHDTV200 is a heavenly experience for console gamers.

Here’s another advice: if you are going to buy a UHD 200 like this one from Devant, subscribe to a HD subscription from your Cable TV provider. Watching it on Standard Definition is okay, though there will be times it feels quite overwhelming. You will appreciate the UHD 200 more if the shows or movies you’re watching are at least on HD.


The Devant 65 UHD TV200 comes with Smart TV features that gives its viewers more content. Running on Linux OS, the UHD 200 has built-in apps that provides more viewing content. Netflix is the top choice when it comes to VOD services and their lineup of titles will give you more reasons to sit on your couch, and of course, chill.

I haven’t used my Netflix account since trying it out last year, but thanks to Devant and Netflix, I have a FREE One (1) month subscription which I’ve been enjoying since last month.

The Opera TV Store is where you can find more video content. Simply select an app, open and view the video. If you love the app, say like the one from CNET or TED, simply click “Add to Favorites” and it will “install” the show in your list of apps. I spent mindless hours watching videos from all over, some were weird but it kept me sitting on my couch anyway. I even watched a couple of old American movies from the 1950s though they were in standard definition.

The UHD 200 has YouTube and like Netflix, it has a dedicated YouTube button on the TV remote. I had to make do typing on the search bar of the YouTube app with the TV remote, but everything is a bliss after that. By the way, I haven’t tested this yet, but I suppose it’s possible to connect a USB keyboard and mouse to the Smart TV for easier input. Too bad Bluetooth is not available. And of course, one can use Facebook on the UHD 200 or browse websites with it.

The downside here is you’re pretty stuck with the Opera TV Store and I doubt that more apps will be added. Unlike it’s Android counterpart, there are more developers who can work on Smart TV apps than on Opera.

The UHD 200 can also be used to mirror your Android Smartphone via AnyView Cast. Sharing vacation photos and videos with your family should be easy without the use of any cables.


After reviewing the UHD 200 for more than a month, I will surely have withdrawal symptoms after I return it to Devant and I’m back to my old 29-inch TV. The experience will never be the same again. The price of P79,990 is competitive among other 65-inch UHD TVs and if I have that cash right now I would probably buy this in a heartbeat.

On a personal note, the Devant 65UHD200 bonded our family again. I encouraged my parents to watch the TV with me and they enjoyed it immediately. As my dad would say, “parang tayo nanonood sa sine” (It’s like we’re watching in a moviehouse.) My sister-in-law and her daughters would come over and watch one YouTube show after another. They didn’t bother watching Cable TV anymore and were already contented on YouTube which looks really great on a UHD TV.

Maybe I should really get a Devant 65UHD200 soon. And a TV cabinet instead of monobloc tables.


  • Can play 4K. Upscales Full HD movies to 4K resolution.
  • Colors are vivid and crisp. They look so real.
  • VOD services like Netflix are some of the apps included in the Smart TV.
  • Price is competitive.


  • Linux is the Smart TV OS and relies on Opera for TV apps. Chances are it might not get updated easily.
  • No Bluetooth.

* I would like to thank Finden Technologies, Inc. for loaning me their Devant 65UHD200.  

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