Review: Belkin Screenforce Invisiglass Ultra Screen Protection for iPhone X

I’ll be taking a break from the usual gadget reviews to tackle a phone accessory. I was recently sent a Belkin Screenforce Invisiglass Ultra for my iPhone X by its Philippine distributor, Quantum Mobile Gears. I rarely apply screen protectors on my phones but since I have one now, why not use it and review at the same time?

The Screenforce Invisiglass Ultra is not just an ordinary screen protector. It was a collaboration between Belkin and Corning, you know, the name renowned for expertise in specialty glass found in most smartphones. Accessory Glass 2 by Corning is a material engineered for ultimate resilience, durability and protection. Belkin and Corning were able to combine this material with screen protection designed to preserve the native screen experience.

In other words, it offers better protection than its Tempered Glass counterparts, suited for people like me who can be clumsy for silly reasons. Inside the box is the Screenforce Invisiglass, Easy Align Tray, Cleaning Cloth and Dust Removal Sticker. I was hesitant to apply the Invisiglass on my iPhone X because I suck at installing screen protectors on my PDAs more than a decade ago. Kenny of Quantum Mobile Gears assured me that applying the Screenforce is pretty easy. His assurance made me go for it even though I lacked faith in my skills in installing a screen protector.

The package came with instructions for installing the Screenforce Invisiglass. What I really like about it is the inclusion of the Easy Align Tray – it made the installation of the Invisiglass much, much easier, even for dummies like me. I finally applied the Invisiglass on my iPhone X and expected a lot of bubbles to appear which reminded me why I hated doing this years ago. The Invisiglass was applied almost flawlessly on to my iPhone, and to my surprise only a small number of bubbles came up which I easily wiped away.

Tada! I am so proud of myself for installing the Belkin Screenforce Invisiglass on my own. My iPhone X now looks brand new! I am amazed that the Invisiglass offers better protection than its Tempered Glass and Tempered Curve counterparts, yet it’s only .29mm thick.

So you guys might be wondering on how exactly the Belkin Screenforce Invisiglass can really protect my iPhone. According to Belkin, the Invisiglass offers up to 3 to 5 times improvement in scratch resistance, up to 25% increase in drop performance, up to 25% reduction in scratch visibility, and up to 25% improvement in strength after scratch. WOW!!! I couldn’t believe I have all those kinds of protection on my phone now!

Now I hate to do this especially to a newly installed Invisiglass on my phone, but I have to some tests on how effective this screen protector is.

First, I tried scratching the screen with my set of house keys. Though I don’t mix my phone and keys in my pants pocket, I want to test it for the sake of people who do.

Second, I used a kitchen knife to scratch the surface. That’s not the only thing I did with the knife though.

Did you hear the impact of the knife hitting my iPhone’s screen? Yeah, I was kinda crazy doing it for the sake of this review.

So after all the scratches and piercing with sharp objects on the iPhone X, the Belkin ScreenForce InvisiGlass Ultra remains unscathed! What I haven’t done yet is banging heavy objects against it. I will try doing that in a week or two and will update this blog post.

With ordinary screen protectors, I can tell something is wrong when I find it too sticky or it affects the phone’s responsiveness. I can tell that the ScreenForce InvisiGlass Ultra gives the same excellent experience of using my iPhone X before it was installed on my screen, only this time it has some added protection. Another thing I like is it prevents the screen from being a fingerprint magnet.

The Belkin ScreenForce InvisiGlass Ultra is highly recommended for iPhone X users who have an active, demanding lifestyle. If you like placing your iPhone X along with coins and car keys, buy this right now. If you’re the type of user who throws in his/her iPhone into a bag filled with other gadgets, you will definitely need this screen protector. It’s a bit pricey for P2,190 but it’s worth to protect your prized investment.

Oh, you can buy the Belkin ScreenForce InvisiGlass Ultra online via the Official Belkin PH Store at for P100 less!

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