Reimagine your Glory with the ROG Mothership GZ700

It’s the biggest, wildest, and most powerful hybrid gaming laptop ASUS has ever put out, the ROG Mothership GZ700.

This unrivaled part gaming laptop, part desktop unit features a Herculean factory overclocked Intel® CoreTM i9-9980HK CPU that can take up to 64GB RAM. The hunky mothership serves the real deal with a trio of NVMe M.2 PCI SSD in RAID 0 configuration and a Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 GPU with 8GB of VRAM.

When packed to the brim with awesome features, this gaming laptop can take the heaviest loads and execute it smoothly. Such specs boasts of a cutting edge technology that ASUS continues to enhance and provide.

The Mothership’s design may look unassuming at first, just like any other ROG laptop. However, the body and exterior of the GZ700 is exquisitely manufactured with attention to detail and functionality. This laptop was designed to be forward thinking, capable in adjusting to a laptop or desktop build.

Plus, it’s also made to last for a long time with fore- front coolers and fans for the best airflow. Their tested cooling capabilities allegedly amount to a 14°C cooler CPU temp. and a 10°C cooler GPU temp..

It’s also heavily packed with awesome coatings such as a liquid metal compound applied by custom EMS machine. Whether it’s in a laptop or desktop state, it’s guaranteed to look super cool.

Check out the ROG Mothership GX700’s price below:

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