Record All Your Daily Car Drives with Mio MiVue Dash Cams

I haven’t heard of MITAC since a decade ago. The Taiwanese company used to manufacture laptops and Pocket PCs among others. I used to own one of their Pocket PCs, a Mitac Mio 558 which I think was one of the most versatile PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant) thanks to its wireless connectivity and expansion slots. Then I also had a brief playtime with the Mitac Mio 168, the first Pocket PC to have a built-in GPS and road-tested it in Makati. It’s good to hear that the Mio brand is still here, and I found out that they have a new product line called MiVue.

The Mio MiVue series is composed of 3 premium Dash Cam models: C320, 698 and 658 WiFi. These high quality cameras can record videos of the driver’s activities, day or night with sharp image quality and vivid colors.

The most affordable in the series, the MiVue C320 comes with a 1080p full HD display mode, f/2.0 aperture, a 2-inch screen display and a wide-angle camera with 130 view angle with no blind spot. It also supports 128gb memory for up to 22 hours of continuous recording.

The MiVue 698 comes with integrated GPS and lifetime safety camera alerts for optimal safety on the road. Safety camera alerts basically inform the driver if there are nearby speed cameras, red light cameras and combined safety cameras. It also features a 2.7-inch touch screen panel, a f/1.8 glass lens aperture, super HD 1296p front camera resolution, and a 140 wide-angle lens that can capture every detail during critical moments on the road. It can also hold up to 128gb memory for up to 22 hours of continuous recording.

If you want to share the scenic routes you’ve travelled during the holiday or the current traffic situation in the city, the MiVue 658 WiFi is the one for you. This ultimate in-car DVR enables the driver to instantly send and share recordings to a smartphone via the integrated WiFi feature. The MiVue 658 WiFi can also record videos in Extreme HD quality but in smaller file size, and has a f/1.8 glass lens aperture for brighter and clearer videos even in low light conditions.

These Mio MiVue dash cams are indeed interesting that I might even get one for myself. I just need to choose which model will suit my preferences as a driver. By the way, here are the Mio Mivue Prices: MiVue C320 – P4,990.00, MiVue 698 – P7,990.00, and MiVue 658 WiFi – P9,990.00. Mio’s high quality dash cams are now available in Digital Walker stores nationwide.

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