realme PH and Shopee are Holding Super Brand Day! Up to 24% discounts

From June 25 to 27, realme will be holding another brand wide sale on Shopee for the Super Brand Day! Get up to 24% in discounts on your favorite realme devices.

After the succesful launch of the latest realme smartphones and lifestyle devices, realme’s holding another sale for you to get your hands on the realme device you like.

Discounted items will start rolling out even on Shopee’s Flash Sale section. Among all other devices, watch out for the realme Buds Air Neo, with a Flash Sale price of PHP 1,579! Or, alternatively, if you need a bigger device, look out for the realme 6 8+128GB variant at PHP 740 off. Check out the full list of Flash Sale Prices down below:

ModelVariantSRPTotal DiscountFlash Sale Price
realme C22+324,990.00 6%      4,689.00 
realme C33+325,990.00 7%      5,599.00 
realme 6i3+647,990.00 6%      7,490.00 
realme 6i4+1289,990.00 6%      9,390.00 
realme 64+12811,990.00 6%    11,349.00 
realme 68+12813,990.00 5%    13,249.00 
realme 6 Pro8+12816,990.00 3%    16,490.00 
realme Buds Airn/a3,990.00 23%      3,099.00 
realme Buds Air Neon/a1,990.00 21%      1,579.00 
realme Wireless Budsn/a1,990.00 24%      1,525.00 
realme Buds 2 n/a690.00 21%        549.00 
realme Powerbank n/a1,690.00 23%      1,309.00 
realme Powerbank 2n/a1,190.00 22%        939.00 
realme Bandn/a1,390.00 23%      1,079.00 

It’s understandable if you don’t have the time and energy to consistently be on the lookout at the Flash Sales. So, realme’s non-Flash Sale might be in your interests! If you were going to buy it either way, have a look at the non-Flash Sale prices of the same items:

ModelVariantSRPTotal DiscountNon-Flash Sale Price
realme C33+325,990.00 6%    5,659.00 
realme 6i3+647,990.00 6%    7,549.00 
realme 6i4+1289,990.005%    9,490.00 
realme 64+12811,990.00 4%  11,499.00 
realme 68+12813,990.00 5%  13,349.00 
realme 6 Pro8+12816,990.00 2%  16,621.00 
realme Buds Airn/a3,990.00 21%    3,169.00 
realme Buds Air Neon/a1,990.00 14%    1,729.00 
realme Wireless Budsn/a1,990.00 14%    1,729.00 
realme Buds 2 n/a690.00 13%      603.00 
realme Powerbank n/a1,690.00 13%    1,479.00 
realme Powerbank 2n/a1,190.00 18%      979.00 
realme Bandn/a1,390.00 21%    1,109.00 

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The AIOT devices are especially on a sizeable discount during this promo period. Don’t miss it! Meanwhile, you can also have fun with realme’s online challenges where you get the chance to win realme devices.

  • realme Facebook Photo Contest: Showcase your creativity through photography in the realme Facebook Photo Contest! From June 26 to July 1, realme invites you to upload a Facebook photo whose subject resembles “R” in uppercase. Put a realme watermark, set it in public and add #realmeShopeeBrandDay at the caption and you’re in! Whoever gets most reacts wins a realme Buds Air. The winner will be announced on July 3 at realme’s official Facebook page.
  • realme Super Brand Day Livestream Unboxing and Giveaway: Tune in to the realme Super Brand Day Livestream on June 27 from 12 noon to 1 p.m on Shopee and share it on Facebook! That’s it. So easy. Get the chance to win one of the realme 6i and two sets of realme buds to be given away!
  • realme Super Sale Raffle: From June 25 to 27, if you purchase a minimum of Php 5,000 worth of realme products on the official realme Philippines Store on Shopee Mall, you can win a brand new realme 6i worth Php 9,990. Purchase that much amount and on July 7, make sure to check out the winner on realme’s official Facebook page. It might be you!

Participate and get key updates on realme Philippines official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts!

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