realme 108MP Camera Smartphone Getting Ready for PH Users

realme Philippines is changing the local smartphone scene yet again with the introduction of its first 108MP camera sensor technology. Since the onset of the new normal, technology played a big role in the transition to a more digital lifestyle and people had to adapt to this shift. To support the youth, realme has been actively aiming to bring these powerful tech features to every Filipino.

At present, with people encouraged to stay at home, Filipinos are turning to social media to share their creativity and inspiration. The rise of new content creators on platforms like TikTok, Kumu, and YouTube continues to grow at a steep pace. As the fastest-growing smartphone brand, realme responded by improving its camera features in order to take part in this youth movement.

Mobile photography has become one of the major features in the powerful capabilities of realme smartphones, integrating seamlessly into the youth’s modern lifestyle. Top smartphone brand realme Philippines aims to continue to make this technology accessible to everyone. This is why realme is bringing Samsung’s leading camera sensor to its smartphones globally.

realme’s 108MP camera sensor comes with a maximum resolution of 12000×9000, providing an-ultra sharp photo quality and producing images likened to those taken from mirrorless cameras. The 108MP sensor also supports 9-in-1 Pixel Binning technology, which enables nine adjacent 0.7μm pixels to be combined to one large 2.1μm pixel and greatly improve image quality under dim light.

realme continues to deliver a clearer camera optic to every Filipino. The brand has been constant in bringing new technology features to the Philippine market ever since the launch of the realme 3 Series and realme 5 Series. Last year, the mid-range champ realme 6 Series and content creator’s lifestyle partner realme 7 Series gained a lot of attention because of its spectacular camera features.

Check out these sample photos taken by the realme 108MP camera:

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