PSBank Enhances Mobile App with New ATM Security Feature

PSBank Enhances Mobile App with New ATM Security Feature

We’ve heard the modus: you use an ATM machine that has been tampered with, and an installed card reader gets your account details and proceeds to siphon your account without you knowing. It’s scary that thieves are getting more tech-savvy and we – the hard-working public – are the victims. It is to address this concern that the Philippine Savings Bank has added a new feature in their mobile app: the ATM Lock.

The ATM Lock allows you to prevent the use of your card until needed. Once you lock your ATM card via the app feature, a transaction request will be sent along with an email notification. Locked cards cannot be used for purchases both tangible and online, until the user unlocks it. However, bills payment and bank transfers can still be done via PSBank’s internet banking facility. It’s just the use of your card that is locked.

“Our clients’ security and convenience are important to us. With the PSBank ATM Lock feature, which they can perform anytime, we are able to provide our clients a simple and reliable tool that would protect their hard-earned savings from ATM card-related fraud incidents,” said PSBank Senior Vice President / Marketing and Customer Experience Group Head Emmanuel Tuazon.

The PSBank ATM Lock service is exclusively for PSBank Mobile App users and for clients who have accounts linked to a PSBank Regular ATM card, PSBank Debit MasterCard and PSBank Prepaid MasterCard. It is also available to PSBank Online users by simply activating their mobile access. Soon, the service will also be available via SMS for all networks. The PSBank mobile app is available for iOS and Android users.

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