Premium Features Now on the New Samsung Galaxy J6+ and J4+

Samsung is adding two more phones in its entry-level and mid-range smartphone segments. The Samsung Galaxy J6+ and J4+ offers premium features normally found in their more expensive counterparts.

The Galaxy J6+ and J4+ are fashionable phones designed to be flaunted. A first for the J series, these phones are coated with a premium glossy back finish. The Galaxy J6+ comes in red and gray while the Galaxy J4+ comes in black and gold color options.

Also normally found in premium Samsung phones is the Face Recognition feature. I love using Face Recognition because unlocking the phone looks really cool and high tech. I’m glad they are now present in the J6+ and J4+.

The Galaxy J6+ is equipped with a dual lens rear camera composed of 13 Megapixels and 5 Megapixels.

The Samsung Galaxy J6+ and J4+ is now available at a suggested retail price of P10,990 and P6,990, respectively. Visit any Samsung-authorized store nationwide or visit or more information about these phones.

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