Pre-Order the Huawei Y6p through Kumu!

The #Huawei Y6pPH is finally up for pre-orders! Grab the Huawei Y6p via Kumu for only PHP 5,990 and get exclusive freebies.

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Enjoy all day streaming, premium shots, and unlimited downloads for less than PHP 6,000! The Huawei Y6p is here to tickle your fancy with its 5000mAh battery and 4+64GB memory all within budget’s reach. Moreover, its huge display along with 13MP main triple rear cameras just hits the spot.

Enter the Huawei ecosystem fully with Kumu! Download Kumu through AppGallery, pre-order, and bring home the Huawei Y6p plus awesome freebies. Freebies can reach up to even PHP 7,264, higher than the Y6p!

Check out how the Huawei Y6p compares with other entry-level champions on our article here! Learn more about the Huawei Y6p directly Huawei’s Official Site.

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