PLDT Roku-TVolution has Finally Launched in the Philippines

I posted a couple of months ago about PLDT’s new TVolution device involving Roku, a popular streaming gadget in the U.S. Since then, I’ve been checking videos about Roku and I think it has a potential to become a success here in the Philippines given how much Filipinos have embraced VOD services like Netflix and iflix as well as their time spent in YouTube. I know these services were spent on mobile, but what if they can be seen on their TV sets at home and watch with their families?


Two nights ago, the PLDT Roku partnership was announced and made official that started with a press conference and a launch event afterwards. How does it work? Basically the PLDT Roku device provides VOD content that will keep you busy glued to your TV which your current cable provider can’t do. It can stream Netflix shows, movies and cartoons from iflix, and other videos that you would search on YouTube. The most interesting inclusion here is Cignal TV. Cignal is a known satellite TV provider which content is similar to cable TV. I questioned before on how it can be included in the Roku channel lineup given that its content is provided by a satellite connection. PLDT explained to me that Cignal TV will not be using any satellite dish and instead will be distributed the same way other VOD services are going through Roku. In other words, Cignal TV is now in a form of a digital content like Netflix! Cool! That means, I don’t need to have any satellite dish installed on my household and I can watch ALL CIGNAL TV CHANNELS WHICH IS FREE FOR 1 MONTH! I AM SO GONNA WATCH THE NBA FINALS!

Okay, I’ll tell you guys a secret. I was actually able to test the Roku device last month. A few of us tech bloggers were the first outside of PLDT to test the PLDT Roku powered TVolution device in our respective households. I have a PLDT Home Fibr subscription so I immediately installed it and used it with gusto! Check out the video below:

As seen in the video, it is easy to install and also easy to use. And, I don’t have to connect my phone to my TV anymore to watch Netflix and iflix since they are already both included in the Roku device! Man! It’s so nice to watch these videos in HD!

I strongly suggest that you subscribe to this service. You just need to pay an additional P199 on top of your monthly service plan. It already includes Roku channels, and free 1 year subscription of iflix and 1 month subscriptions of Cignal TV and Netflix.

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