PLDT Links Catanduanes to Fiber Optic Grid

The Philippines’ largest integrated telecommunications company PLDT fires up its fiber optic link to Catanduanes island, ensuring service resiliency in one of the country’s most typhoon-stricken provinces. PLDT ’s latest network upgrade comes on the heels of its wireless unit SMARTs quick restoration of telco services in Catanduanes, the first telco firm to do so, after super typhoon Rolly (international name: Goni) disrupted communications there earlier this month.

“We have fired up our submarine fiber optic cable which was recently installed in Catanduanes. As you know, Catanduanes was hardly hit by the typhoons and most of our network facilities are down. We were the first to restore our service but it’s not enough,” says PLDT Vice President and Head of Technology Strategy and Transformation Office Arvin Siena, during the virtual Wallace Business Forum on Infrastructure Transformation of the Telecom Industry.

“Our ongoing rollout of submarine fiber optic cable was very timely as it was completed during this time and we were able to fire up its capacity to restore more areas in Catanduanes. In other island provinces we want to make sure fiber optic infrastructure is put in place. We want to make it more resilient so when opportunities such as cloud infrastructure, data centers and BPOs come in, this will stand the calamities frequently visiting us.”

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Siena added that PLDT is also laying down underground fiber optic cables in the Bicol region and in Samar province frequented by strong typhoons further making their digital infrastructure backbone more resilient.

The country’s constant battle with natural calamaties such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and record-breaking typhoons this year prove testament to PLDT’s dedication to ensure network resiliency and to restore communications services in those gravely affected areas the fastest possible way. “Our team mates on the ground are our heroes especially now with the pandemic and during the typhoons. They are not scared to really go out because of their dedication and passion to restore our service and make sure our customers are happy.”

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