PLDT Home Launches Quad-Core Telpad


PLDT Home continues to bring the Telpad line to the future by introducing its latest and fastest tablet.

The All New Quad-Core Telpad was launched recently at Vyne and members of the media and guests were invited to show how the newly improved Telpad works. The new Telpad now has a Quad-Core processor under its hood, which allows users to work on heavy tasks on the device or use several apps and features all at the same time without experiencing any hiccups. The Quad-Core Telpad looks like my current Dual-Core Telpad, but don’t be deceived by its looks. After playing with the All-New Quad-Core Telpad, I can already tell the difference that this year’s release is much, much better in terms of speed and performance. Android 4.1.2 (a.k.a.) Jellybean is its operating system of choice, though we are not certain if it can be upgradeable to Android 4.4 more popularly known as KitKat.

PLDT Home Online Ambassadors Doug Kramer of the PBA’s San Miguel Beer and his wife actress Cheska Garcia-Kramer joined the contests along with other contestants to see who’s better in using the Telpad for music, movies and gaming. It was certainly fun, too bad I didn’t join and just stayed in the sidelines.


There are applications pre-installed on the Quad-Core Telpad that will let every member of the family enjoy the tablet. Those who want to be updated can easily access them via News5 Everywhere, Filipino soap opera fans will surely appreciate Asianovelas, and movie buffs can watch new blockbuster titles from Clicklplay. Meanwhile, music lovers will love Spinnr where songs can be downloaded or streamed for a very low monthly fee, and gamers can download and play the hottest video games from EA Games.

We were told that there will be more content added to the Telpad like digital newspapers, magazines and textbooks, education applications for the kids as well as more applications for entertainment.

As of this date, Telpad subscribers are more than 100,000 nationwide and, it still continues to grow. I am one of those 100,000 subscribers and I’m glad that I have a Telpad at home which my parents and nieces love to use.

For more information on the Quad Core Telpad and its current plans, visit or their Facebook page ( You may also send them a message on Twitter by tweeting @PLDT_Home.

* This is a sponsored post by PLDT Home and Nuffnang

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