PLDT Best Buy Bundle Offers Everything that Suits Your Family’s Lifestyle

We may not know it, but many of today’s Filipino homes have evolved into digital hubs where families get to spend quality time while enjoying their connectivity, entertainment, and security. High-speed internet, the rapid development of home entertainment technologies and the ease of access to digital content from around the world have all contributed to a major digital shift within Filipino families. Bonding over online content and connecting through digital platforms have become the norm as technology has evolved to enable stronger connections at home.

When it comes to Filipino homes, the digital lifestyle basics can be summed up into three: broadband to power the home, mobile connectivity and access to home entertainment. And is always the case, these digital basics should fit into the most important criterion of any regular Filipino household—budget-friendly.

Imagine getting all the best services for your home broadband, mobile and pay TV in one bill. Imagine spending less but getting more. Imagine enjoying a worry-free digital lifestyle with your loved ones. This is what PLDT Best Buy Bundle can offer — product bundles that enable subscribers to easily mix and match their unlimited PLDT Home Fibr, Smart mobile, and Cignal pay TV plans from the biggest brands PLDT Home, Smart, and Cignal TV.

More than the convenience of a unified bill, subscribers enjoy huge savings when they avail of bundles—up to 15% off when they bundle three services and up to 10% off when they mix and match two services. That’s savings of up to P11,300 in a year!

You can select from among three bundles that would suit your whole family’s needs:

PLDT Best Buy Bundle 2200 will fetch you a PLDT Home Fibr Unlimited 3 Mbps connection, a Cignal TV subscription and a Smart Postpaid Plan with 20 All-Net calls, 150 All-Net SMS and 2.5GB for mobile data + 10GB for videos. For those who need faster download speeds, PLDT Best Buy Bundle 3135 is the better option. It includes a PLDT Home Fibr 20 Mbps Unlimited connection, a Cignal TV subscription and a Smart Postpaid Plan with 50 All-Net calls, Unlimited All-Net SMS, and 4.5GB mobile data + 10GB for videos. I think a lot of families will be interested in this Bundle since it offers the Best Value. Subscribing to this plan will save you P553 per month. If you’re family members are mostly composed of Online Professionals, meaning you rely on the fastest internet inside or outside your household for work purposes like me, then the PLDT Best Bundle 5345 is definitely for you. The bundle is inclusive of PLDT Home Fibr 50 Mbps Unlimited connection, a Cignal TV subscription with 110 Channels, and a Smart Postpaid Plan with 60 All-Net Calls, Unlimited All-Net SMS, 5GB of mobile data + 10GB of videos. Subscribing to this bundle will also bring you a Huawei Mate 10 Pro.

In our household we have PLDT Home Fibr for fast internet connection, a PLDT Fam Cam to monitor my house while I’m away, Cignal TV via my PLDT Roku and a Smart Postpaid Line and Smart BRO LTE Postpaid Line. With all these tech I am able to work in my home flawlessly as well as enjoy entertainment without any hassles. I suggest you build your own PLDT Best Buy Bundle now. Visit

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