Play Mobile Games for 7 Days with SMART Game Time

Mobile gaming is popular among smartphone users for the past few years. It helps us kill time during our commute home, while waiting for someone in a meeting place, or while chilling at a coffee shop. We’ve downloaded these popular games in recent years. I remember downloading Angry Birds in 2010, Temple Run in 2012, Candy Crush in 2013, and even tried Clash of Clans in 2015. Mobile Legends and Everwing are some of the current popular mobile games being played. The challenge is if the data subscription of the user (especially those who are on Prepaid) is enough to support the games they play on a daily basis. This is where SMART Game Time comes in.

Mobile gamers rely on WiFi to play their favorite games so they can avoid using their data allocation of their subscription. SMART Game Time realizes this need and they have a solution that will make these players spend more time gaming. By subscribing to Game Time 50, subscribers will be able to play games like Mobile Legends, Everwing, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, and Arena of Valor (AOV) for seven (7) days. According to SMART, there’s 300 MB allocation per day which they think is enough even if you switch from one game to another. At least you don’t have to rely on any WiFi hotspot and you can play wherever you may be. As a bonus, subscribers will get 50 Mobile Legends Battle Tickets for their Game Time 50 subscription.

There’s also another subscription which is more “sulit.Game Time 100 offers thirty (30) days of game time for Mobile Legends, Everwing, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, and Hearthstone plus 100 Mobile Legends Battle Tickets.

As always, you can be assured of faster, lag free gaming thanks to SMART’s fastest LTE network.

Go ahead and subscribe to Game Time 50 by sending GAME50 to 9999 or to Game Time 100 by sending GAME100 to 9999. Also check out this link about SMART Game Time for more info:

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