Personalize Your Internet Experience with Sun Postpaid’s iBundles

Personalize Your Internet Experience with Sun Postpaid's iBundles

Sun Cellular understands that everyone has a different mobile lifestyle — that’s why they’ve recently launched Sun Postpaid’s new iBundles to cater to your every need.

iBundles come in four different packages:

The Social Bundle (keyword: SOCIAL199) is for those who wish to always stay connected through Facebook, Twitter, Waze, Foursquare, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and Path.

The Email Bundle (keyword: EMAIL199) is for professionals who need constant access to Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, and Exchange.

The Photo Bundle (keyword: PHOTO199) for those snap-savvy people who want to record their awesome moments on Instagram Flickr, Pinterest, Regram, Imgur, and Tumblr.

Lastly, the Chat Bundle (keyword: CHAT2499) is for those who want to stay connected via Line, WeChat, FB Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Kakao, Chikka Messenger, Oist, and Google Hangout.

DR and I prefer the Email bundle, since we often communicate via email. The Social Bundle is pretty cool, too, since it helps keep us updated with new and interesting trends that we can share on the blog.

It’s easy to avail of Sun’s new iBundles. Simply avail of your preferred bundle, simply text the keyword to 247. The Social, Email, and Photo Bundles are only Php199 each, while the Chat Bundle comes at Php249 for 30 days. You can also rest easy about using your connection to the fullest with iBundle’s Safezone Paywall, which ensures that you’re only charged for the package you’ve availed.

For more information on Sun’s iBundles, visit

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