Palm Treo 750 it is

And so I bought the Palm Treo 750. Not really brand new, just used for 3 months without scratches. What made me buy it is the bundled Palm Bluetooth GPS, the Map software plus a 2GB MiniSD card. Compared to the offers of other sellers, this is definitely a good deal for me.

Palm Treo 750 Set1

After meeting the seller of the Treo 750, I went to the business district and met up with another seller, this time to buy his Spectec MiniSD WiFi card and extra battery.

Palm Treo 750 Set2 (2)

With these purchases, anybody could say I’m complete with my Smartphone kit, right?

Well, not exactly for me.

For some reason, I felt I made a wrong decision of buying it. I acknowledge the fact that this was the mobile device I’ve been wanting to own since March of 2007. But I don’t feel excited anymore on owning one. What changed my mind? Is it because I now fell in love with Symbian? Probably, but I’ll be giving myself 2 weeks to get acquainted with the Treo 750. If I am not satisfied with it, then I may have to sell it.

For now, I’ll need to play with the Treo 750 and post my thoughts next time.

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