Palm Treo 750 Bug

This is getting annoying. I wasn’t aware of this bug until I started using the Palm Treo 750. The bug I’m talking about is the SMS being sent twice. Sgt. Schultz, fellow Pinoy Windows Mobile Moderator and also a Palm Treo 750 user lets me know about it everytime he receives doubled SMS from me. Last night, my girlfriend got confused with the message she received. We were sending each other SMS then she asked “what’s the relevance of the SMS you sent me just now?” I asked “huh? what message are you talking about?” I found out afterwards that the message that she had just received was the message I sent her the previous night.

Isn’t that annoying? Now I thought that this was only present with Windows Mobile 5 so I upgraded my Treo to Windows Mobile 6. Obviously, the bug is still there. Sarge told me that there’s a cooked 6.1 ROM for the Treo 750 that may fix the problem. I don’t know if I’ll bother trying. Honestly, I’m getting sick of Windows Mobile as days pass by.

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