OPPO Wireless Headphones Bag 2 Gold, 1 Platinum in A’Design Awards!

OPPO wireless headphones, Enco M31, Enco Q1, and Enco W31, all won awards in the A’Design Award & Competition! The event showcased and honored all designs ranging from technology to graphic design even to architecture that brought new strides for the art.

The OPPO Enco M31, Enco Q1, and Enco W31 definitely featured both novelty and honest function to receive such recognition. In particular, the OPPO Enco M31 true wireless headphones and the OPPO Enco Q1 wireless noise-canceling headphones were awarded gold. The cohesiveness of the elements of being lightweight and intuitive together was truly an amazing feat. And as if that’s not amazing enough, the Enco W31 True Wireless headphones even garnered platinum! Undoubtedly, OPPO shined in that event.

The gold awardee OPPO Enco M31 is a wireless neckband earphones that weighed just 22g. It features a seamless, streamlined designed that fits users well without any unneeded pressure. Furthermore, the curved neckband is composed liquid silicone neckband with a built-in memory titanium alloy band that’s easily flexed without permanently losing form. On function, the Enco M31 conveniently supports LDAC codec and certified as Hi-Res standard.

The OPPO Enco Q1, another gold awardee and wireless neckband headphones, also had impeccable design. What makes the Enco Q1 unique is its straightforward practicality and function. Despite being in the entry-level range, the Enco Q1 knows how to pick the sore spots of users in maintenance and hygiene during the long run. Zero seams, zero residue. Another audio champion, the blend of form and function is astonishing to see in an entry-level price.

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Lastly, the grand winner of the night, the OPPO Enco W31 true wireless headphones revolutionized what entry-level headphones meant. Even before such glamorous recognition, the Enco W31’s reputation already spread far and wide for its stunning build. The reigning king of entry-level wireless headphones, the Enco W31 claimed the award as a matter of fact.

The OPPO Enco W31 pushes boundaries with an ergonomic design including a secure touch control stem that’s versatile to any ear. Beauty may be subjective, but visual appeal is one that can be designed well. The headphones features striking spun anodized aluminum alloy made to turn heads.

Moreover, even on performance, the Enco W31 isn’t lacking either. Prioritizing a stable connection while providing low latency for non-stop plays, OPPO’s Enco W31 binaural low-latency Bluetooth® transmission and system optimization. Amazing for almost any applications whether in gaming or casual vibing, it’s all in.

Among these three A’Design award-winning units, only the OPPO Enco Q1 is available in the Philippines for now which retails at PHP 4,990. Buy it in selected OPPO Concept Stores and partner dealers nationwide. Learn more about OPPO and hidden gems like these on OPPO’s Official website or follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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