OPPO F7 Review: A Sophisticated Phone with Style and Power

Weeks ago I posted a video of my first impressions of the OPPO F7. I was excited to unbox the F7 upon receiving the review unit mainly for two reasons: its looks and its performance. Who wouldn’t want to own a smartphone that have both of these qualities? I imagined the OPPO F7 would fit the bill. Read on to find out if it does.


OS:Colors OS 5.0, based on Android 8.0 Oreo
Processor:MTK 2.0 GHz Helio P60 Octa-Core Processor | MALI-G72 MP3
Display: 2280 x 1080 6.23" Full HD+ IPS Display
Wireless Connections:LTE, Bluetooth 4.2, WiFi a/b/g/n, A-GPS, GLONASS
Memory:64/128 GB Internal Storage expandable with a Micro SD card up to 256 GB, 4GB RAM
Connectors:Micro USB, OTG Support
Cameras:16 Megapixels (Main Camera) f/1.8, 25 Megapixels f/2.0 (Front)
SIM Card Slots:2x Nano SIM Cards required
Battery:3,400 mAh (non-removable)
SRP:P17,990 (64GB) P21,990 (128GB)


The packaging comes with an OPPO F7 unit, silicon case, USB cable, USB Charger head, and a pair of earphones.


This is one of the reasons why I am excited to review the OPPO F7. The phone looked really gorgeous in Solar Red (for those who don’t know, RED is my favorite color) and what makes it awesome is its back cover. At first glance it looks like it was covered by glass but actually it’s made of acrylic with a special form of coating. With this new design, the F7 certainly looks like a Premium Phone which I love showing off to everyone so I can be seen holding one as if it’s a fashion accessory.

Thanks to its new design, the F7 is lightweight and isn’t slippery to hold. It can still be a smudge magnet but can be easily wiped off with a cloth.

With this new design, the F7 certainly looks like a Premium Phone which I love showing off to everyone so I can be seen holding one as if it’s a fashion accessory. 


The biggest phone OPPO has released so far was the OPPO F3 Plus which I reviewed last year. The F3 Plus has a large 6″ Full HD Display that’s great for watching videos. Due to its large screen display, the phone’s size is also oversized making it hard for some users to hold or use especially with one hand. With the global trend of cramping big-sized screens into phones, OPPO followed suit and managed to fit 6.23″ into a phone with a size similar to the OPPO F5 which by the way has a 6″ screen. Not only that, the resolution is slightly better – 2280 x 1080 with 19:9 aspect ratio compared to the F5’s 2160 x 1080 with 18:9 aspect ratio. As expected, the display was vibrant and shows good color reproduction. I watched several videos via iflix on the F7 and the streaming app supports full screen view.

And just like the ongoing trend, the F7 also comes with a notch. Again, I am not bothered by this having owned an iPhone X and reviewed another (the ASUS ZenFone 5) where both have those notches. However, OPPO did something cool, and at the same time useful with the left and right sides of the notch. While on Full Screen mode (landscape), you can access a couple of apps and other functions while watching a video.

In a screenshot above, I was able to access my Messaging app and FB Messenger app while YouTube is playing in the background. Now that’s real multi-tasking!


The OPPO F7 is one of the first smartphones to have MediaTek’s Helio P60 processor. I’ve had high expectations with this chipset after being impressed by the Helio P23 found in the F5. Before I move on, let me show you its Antutu Benchmark score:

The score above is the highest I’ve ever seen from MediaTek! It’s miles and miles away from the F5’s Helio P23’s Benchmark score of 43,265! In real world usage, the F7 worked ALMOST perfectly in my two weeks of use as a primary phone. I didn’t experience any crashes from any of the apps I’ve used, as well as with the games I played. Tekken, Arena of Valor and Players Unknown Battleground aka PUBG Mobile in HD graphic settings played flawlessly on the F7.

In real world usage, the F7 worked ALMOST perfectly in my two weeks of use as a primary phone.

The Face Recognition software was spot-on except for low-light conditions which is understandable. Thankfully, OPPO still included a fingerprint scanner for situations where you can’t use the face recognition feature. Speaking of these two, OPPO added some added layer of security by including them in unlocking apps of your choice.

This is VERY useful for those friends or family members who keep on prying on your privacy.


The front camera is the main selling point of the OPPO F7, but let me focus on its rear camera first. The 16 Megapixel shooter is already impressive, but the A.I. which OPPO is advertising did a really good job by adjusting its camera to the best settings possible for both the subject and the background.  Except for a few photos taken in the evening which is always challenging for smartphones, most of the photos I took with the F7 were excellent! Here are some sample photos:

Click to enlarge image

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I wonder if OPPO deliberately did not include a second camera at the back. Maybe they don’t need it, or maybe they had to abort the idea to lower down the cost. While the rear camera can do a good job, it may bother some potential buyers who are faced with other options with rear dual-cameras, particularly the ASUS ZenFone 5Q and the Huawei P20 Lite priced at P16,995 and P15,995 respectively. During my usage, I wish there was a wide-angle lens to take a huge group photo or capture a beautiful landscape that cannot be achieved with the F7’s lens.

Then again, OPPO has been marketing itself as the Selfie Expert for the past couple of years so their focus is the F7’s 25 Megapixel front camera. With the aid of A.I. beautification, my selfies made me look less haggard which is not true in real life! So yeah, I did use those pics to show on social media that I still look good on stressful days.

Here are some sample photos with the front camera:

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The battery capacity of the F7 is 3,400 mAh. During my two weeks of usage, I am able to go through each day with a single charge. I guess the Helio P60, while it’s powerful is also energy-efficient. I usually end the day with less than 20% of juice left.


My previous favorite OPPO phone was the F3 Plus. Now that the OPPO F7 has arrived, I don’t only consider it as my favorite OPPO phone, but currently the BEST OPPO Phone I have ever used. It has a sophisticated sense of chic, it performs great, and it takes terrific photos even without a secondary camera. It certainly deserves a DR’s Choice Award, which obviously means I love this phone and I highly recommend it to everyone!

Anyone wants to buy my OPPO F5 so I can buy the F7?


  • Lovin’ the new look of the F7. Curved back with metallic finish is so 2017.
  • Helio P60 ROCKS!
  • Both Cameras produce excellent photos


  • Competitors within the same price range have dual rear cameras.
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