#OneAgainstCOVID19 Donate to COVID19 Efforts with PayMaya!

In light of these trying times, everyone’s help and cooperation is tremendously needed. That’s why in support of the #StayatHome campaign, you can help with what you can give through PayMaya!

PayMaya can now be your one-stop digital donation platform to help those in grave need during the quarantine period against COVID19. That is to say, you can access the #OneAgainstCOVID19 drive online or in-app to donate to your preferred charities.

Use your PayMaya account for a swift and easy donations with the “PayBills” feature. Furthermore, even without a PayMaya account, anyone can donate through their Official Website. Certainly anyone around the world can donate using their credit, debit, or prepaid cards!

Your PayMaya COVID19 donations will be used to a wide array of efforts. For example, you can choose to help medical frontliners. In the same vein, you can feed greatly impacted communities, sanitation efforts in communities and hospitals, and others.

Here are some of the drives of PayMaya’s partnered foundations;

  • Philippine Red Cross- Aid packages in benefit of medical frontliners and communities
  • UNICEF- Medical and sanitation supplies in benefit of health facilities and psychotherapy for families
  • OXFAM Filipinas- Water, sanitation, and hygiene supplies in benefit of poor families
  • Caritas Manila- Cash donations in benefit of poor communities

Your donations, no matter how big or small will surely go a long way.

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