NVIDIA RTXGI SDK, Texture Tools Explorer and other New Tools will benefit Game Developers and Content Creators

In order to increase adoption of next generation graphic features utilized by NVIDIA’s RTX GPUs such as ray-tracing, NVIDIA DLSS, mesh shaders and variable rate shading. They released several new tools that should hopefully ease development of new games.

New Suite of Tools for Developers

NVIDIA RTXGI SDK provides game developers with a Global Illumination model that will allow them to work and create solutions on multi-bounce indirect lighting without the penalties of bake times (time to wait for a game to be built). This is supported by any DirectX Ray Tracing (DXR) GPUs. It will enable developers to adopt and add in ray tracing features on new titles quicker

NVIDIA Texture Tools Explorer allows game developers to optimize their games’ textures through the power of NVIDIA CUDA. This tool enables developers to generate higher quality textures with the bonus of having smaller texture file sizes for players who are downloading their game.

Vulkan Game Developers’ New Tools

Vulkan is a low-overhead, cross-platform 3D graphics and compute API (Application Programming Interface) and is the counterpart/rival to Direct3D. NVIDIA announces that they are adding Vulkan Support to two of its game development tools.

Nsight Aftermath for Vulkan is going to be made available as an SDK (Software Development Kit) along with Nsight Graphics for viewing Vulkan crash dumps. It will enable game developers to find the cause on why games crash. Having this kind of support from NVIDIA means that precise crash information can now be reported, leading to better fixes.

Nsight Graphics: GPU Trace proves useful for DirectX, therefore, it is added into Vulkan. The GPU Trace tool serves as a way to measure hardware unit metrics and precise timing information from GPUs. It allows developers to profile their game’s performance and find the cause of performance drops.

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