NVIDIA New RTX SUPER GPU Powered Laptops Announced

NVIDIA has announced recently of new laptops from OEM partners that carry RTX SUPER GPU powering over 100+ laptops. Also released are laptop variants powered by RTX 2060 with prices starting at $999. These new laptop GPUs are based on the Turing architecture, that have RT cores to process ray tracing in real time, further increasing graphical quality in both games and content creation applications (movies, 3D graphics, and image processing).

New Max-Q Technologies: Thinner, Lighter and more efficient Laptops

Also a feature included in many of these laptops is newer Max-Q configuration, allowing for faster performance in an efficient package for laptops. The newer Max-Q Technology will now allow double the amount of efficiency enabling longer battery life, and quicker performance. These include the following:

  • Dynamic Boost – This is an automatic, and adaptive feature that works to balance out power between the GPU and CPU on a per-frame basis. This in turn boosts overall performance of the machine, without penalizing power consumption.
  • Low-Voltage GDDR6 – By using the latest GDDR6 memory with partners, NVIDIA is able to lower power consumption and increase efficiency through the use of this memory type.
  • Advanced Optimus – This is a further improvement of the Optimus feature that controls which GPU (RTX GPU or onboard GPU from the CPU) will be utilized for the correct application used. Advanced Optimus no longer needs a system reboot in order switch, instead switching GPU use on-the-fly. Right now, the new Lenovo Legion laptops are the first ones to use this feature.
  • Next Generation Regulator Efficiency – Next Generation voltage regulators ensure GPUs run more efficiently while having better performance overall by having system design optimized.
  • Deep Learning Super Sampling 2.0 – Powered by AI processors in RTX GPUs called Tensor Cores, DLSS 2.0 is an improved deep learning neural network that boosts frame rates while making sure graphics rendered in games remain beautiful. This feature maximizes ray-tracing settings with increased resolution and extends battery life by a further 20%.

RTX Studio Empowers Creators with New Laptops

Aside from the 100+ laptops announced, there’s an additional 10 new RTX Studio laptops, powered by RTX SUPER GPUs and 10th generation Intel processors. Produced by OEM Partners such as Acer, Gigabyte, MSI and Razer, these laptops are the go to ultimate solution for those seeking maximum performance in video production and 3D graphic design.

More than 45 of the top creative applications – including Adobe Premiere Pro, AutoDesk Arnold, Blender, DaVinci Resolve, and more are supported by RTX SUPER GPU acceleration. For more information on RTX Studio Laptops, head to this site.

Pricing and Availability

Availability of the new RTX Gaming and RTX Studio laptops will be on the week of April 15, from multiple global partners. More laptops will be made available on May. Partners will have different variations of configurations on CPU, GPU and feature use as well as vary per region. Partners included are: Acer, ASUS, Clevo, Dell, GIGABYTE, HP, Lenovo, MSI, Razer and more.

RTX 2060 powered laptops will start at $999 and will include Acer Nitro 5, ROG Strix 15, HP Omen 15, MSI GF65 Thin, Lenovo Legion Y540 and 5i, with more models to follow later.

To learn more or find out more, visit the NVIDIA News entry for new RTX Laptops.

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