NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready Driver March Edition

NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready Driver Updates

In this month’s NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready Driver, we get update version 445.75 for our machines. The day one update for the Virtual Reality game Half Life: Alyx, is featured. While Ghost Recon Breakpoint Ghost Experience general driver updates is included. MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries is receiving an RTX update for NVIDIA DLSS 2.0.  Other titles like Control, will have a separate DLSS 2.0 update within the month. Improvements to the performance of the games will increase from 30% to 75% in Quality mode.

Download the updated Driver here if you don’t have GeForce Experience Application.


The NVIDIA DLSS 2.0 is a feature for RTX GPUs. It utilizes AI to perform deep learning super sampling (DLSS) to actively render and produce better game images while keeping high frame-rates. The Deep Learning aspect utilizes an AI network that learns the game’s graphics through a mainframe. Thus, enables to pass this ‘learning’ to the GPU without stressing it out (thus leading to lower frames).  With version 2.0 it enables better image quality, greater scaling across all RTX GPUs. Finally, an option allows users to choose from three preset modes for Quality, Balance, and Performance.

On a side-note for developers, NVIDIA DLSS Program is now made available for Unreal Engine 4. This program will allow quicker development time of games using Unreal 4 with RTX effects.

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