NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready Driver February Edition

For the month of February, NVIDIA has released its latest GeForce Game Ready Driver for its GPUs that we can now download, and updates for its G-SYNC Compatible Displays.

Day One Support for New Games

The recently released game Zombie Army: Dead War 4, Apex Legends: Season 4 and Metro Exodus: Sam’s Story are receiving this month’s day one support in the update. Ray Tracing content for Metro Exodus: Sam’s is included in the update to ensure ray tracing and NVIDIA Deep Level Super Sampling (DLSS) for those running RTX cards.

We can get the latest GeForce Game Ready Driver updates, via the GeForce Experience App. We will need to open it  and select the Drivers tab to download directly. Or if you do not have the app, visit NVIDIA’s Driver page to download as an executable.

Displays added to G-SYNC Compatibility List

Another NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready Driver update is G-SYNC Compatibility. The G-SYNC program expands to three new monitors to provide variable refresh rate (VRR) to player’s gaming experience. The monitors added to the list are: ASUS VG259QM, Dell AW2521HF and LG 34GN850, this will give us more options to choose from when shopping for a G-SYNC compatible monitor. We can view the current monitor line-up of compatible G-SYNC displays, here.

Max Frame Rate and VRSS Feature Improvements

From the last driver update, NVIDIA introduced features Max Frame Rate and Variable Rate Supersampling (VRSS) a VR game image quality enhancement. With this month’s update, we will be able to set the Max Frame Rate to a range of 20 to 1000 FPS. For VRSS we can now enable the feature to all games through the global tab of the NVIDIA Control Panel.

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