NVIDIA Empowers Minecraft Creators with Guides

In preparation for the launch of Minecraft with RTX, NVIDIA provides a quick peek on what will be made possible in Minecraft with NVIDIA’s next generation ray-tracing technology. Along with this preview, they have supplied some guides that will be helpful for Minecrafters started.

In Feature: Minecraft’s Top Creators

In order to have content ready to preview Minecraft with RTX, NVIDIA has collaborated with three top creators in the global Minecraft community. The three featured creators have created worlds that display features of ray tracing in Minecraft. They were specifically chosen by NVIDIA to partner with for their fantastic record in creating imaginative and incredible works within the Minecraft community. The collaborators are Razzleberries, BlockWorks, and GeminiTay. Screenshots used in the preview are taken from works made using Minecraft with RTX.

The Created Worlds:

NVIDIA Minecraft
Of Temples and Totems RTX by Razzleberries – A world for adventurers that will challenge players on exploration and completing tasks inside mysterious temples. (click image to see RTX On / Off)
NVIDIA Minecraft
Crystal Palace RTX by GeminiTay – A survival map with a fantasy theme. The main highlight is a masterfully built castle, created in 1:1 scale and rendered beautifully with ray-tracing effects like shadows and atmospherics.
(click image to see RTX On / Off)
NVIDIA Minecraft
Imagination Island RTX by BlockWorks – Has created a fully explorable theme park filled with various easter eggs. It has four distinct lands featuring one aspect of ray-tracing. (click image to see RTX On / Off)

Guides for Empowering Minecraft Creators

In order for other Minecraft creators to create these immersive worlds; NVIDIA has released guides to help in creating new or converting existing works to enable ray-tracing. These guides were originally scheduled for the GPU Technology conference in Silicon Valley, but have been included in the GTC Digital online event.

  • For creating physically based rendering textures, a presentation and how-to guide gives a detailed overview on how Minecraft with RTX’s work with path tracing and PBR textures. Also included is a step-by-step workflow for creating your own PBR textures and texture packs.
  • For converting Java worlds to RTX worlds, NVIDIA has partnered with Minecraft creators in writing a guide of unofficial best-practices to convert an existing world to Bedrock Windows 10 Edition. The guide contains the basis for the upcoming Minecraft with RTX.

NVIDIA teams have been working closely with Microsoft in bringing worlds that are fully path-traced. These new effects will usher in the next evolution of Minecraft.

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About the featured Minecraft Creators:

Razzleberries is a founding partner and leader at Minecraft Marketplace. Razzleberries is itself, a community of talented programmers, artists and builders. They have consistently topped ratings, and downloads of their works. Within the marketplace, the group has almost 5% share of content published.  They have collaborated officially with Mojang and Microsoft in creating campaigns and large scale advertisements of the game to the public.

BlockWorks is another team of talented builders and programmers and one of the eight pioneer partners with Microsoft on Minecraft. Their creations, 28 maps in all, can be seen and downloaded in the Minecraft Marketplace and now garnering more than 10 million downloads.

GeminiTay is a YouTube Content Creator and Minecrafter. A seven year veteran playing Minecraft, she loves to experiment building and collaborating with other talented Minecrafters in the community.

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