#NoMiWithoutYou Xiaomi Globally Launches the Mi10 Series: Mi10, Mi10 Pro, and the new Mi10 Lite!

Xiaomi just launched their 10th Anniversary Mi10 Series earlier! We’ll be seeing three flagship units for this series, Xiaomi’s Mi10, Mi10 Pro and their suprise Mi10 Lite. This is their biggest release up to date.

In this sensitive time, Xiaomi prefaced the launch with their understanding of these circumstances. Along with the release, they’ve announced their pledge to distribute 1 million masks across Europe as a show of solidarity. There is #NoMiWithoutYou after all with about 50% of their overall sales coming from overseas buyers.

Xiaomi has already announced the two widely successful 5G smartphones in China last month, the Mi10 and Mi10 Pro. Our idea’s pretty clear on what to expect. The new phones starts at approx. Php 45,000 (£799) for the Mi10 and approx. Php 55,000 (£499) for the Mi10 Pro.

However, in this global release, they’re announcing not two but three smartphones! Xiaomi plans to make 5G available for everyone. The three units are supported with Wi-Fi6 that makes connections 2.7x faster while simultaneously reducing power consumption. With this goal they’ve released the newest Mi10 Lite 5G retailing at just approx. Php 20,000 (£349) with specs competitive with the latest flagships.

Let’s start with the Mi10 and the Mi10 Pro.

The Mi10 and Mi10 Pro are 6.67 inch 5G smartphones with curved AMOLED displays running at 90 Hz (180 Hz resampling) with an in screen fingerprint sensor. These even offer the best TrueColor in the industry at a color accuracy of ΔE< 1.1. The Mi10 Pro’s display is at 5,000,000: 1 with max brightness of 1,200 nits. Even with the significant difference in pricing those specs are consistent with both units!

Another spec where these two excel is at their dual studio speakers that can automatically detect orientation while you rotate it. The speakers are set to be symmetrical with dimensions of 12mmx16mm making it the largest with current flagships. The symmetry, size, and quality is what gave Xiaomi their DXOMARK rank 1 in audio.

A big highlight of this release is their amazing camera systems. What you’ll get with the Mi10 and Mi10 Pro are quad cameras with 108MP wide angle rear main lenses. These cameras are just monsters in video recording. You’ll get up to 8K video (x16 of Full HD) recording with unmatched stability. And that’s not just Xiaomi’s singular narrative! Xiaomi tops the DXOMARK ranking for video and camera.

There are much more features to these cameras than what meets the eye. Xiaomi introduced these modes that aims to help everyone shoot their best videos.

  • Portrait Video- Creamy Bokeh and Crisp Foreground
  • Color Focus- Colored Subject with Grayscale Background
  • Shoot Steady- Superior Stable Shots
  • Pro Mode- Near Total Control of your Camera

Here’s the features available for capturing photos. The Mi10 Pro supports 10x hybrid zoom and 50x digital zoom.

  • Distortion Correction- Corrects Edge Distortion in Wide Angle photos
  • Night Mode 2.0- Clear Photos in LowLight
  • AI 2.0- One-Click Photo Parameter Adjustments
  • Hardware Flicker Sensor- Detects Refresh Rate and Adjusts Shutter Speed to Match

So what makes the Mi10 Pro different from the Mi10 in terms of camera capability?

As the top-end smartphone on the series, the Mi10 Pro gives quite the punch. The Mi10Pro with a bigger telephoto, bigger wide angle lenses, and a better Hardware Flicker Sensor at dual flash.

We’ll see at the front a side cutout display for the front camera. What’s amazing about this front camera is that it’s designed to disappear under your thumb when you play videos or games so you can get a full screen immersive playback.

Now let’s talk performances. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 improves overall performance by 25% with improved power efficiency of 25%- 35%.

But the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 SoC won’t carry itself. Xiaomi just introduced their latest LiquidCool 2.0 vapor chamber that can significantly lower temperature up to 10.5°C with an enhanced surface area by up to 251%!

These two also packs a great RAM + Storage combo at up to 12GB LPDDR5 and up to 256GB UFS3.0. These two are two of the world’s first LPDDR5 smartphones with a 30% increase in performance and lower power consumption.

In Antutu benchmarks, they just reached a 600,000 score!

Aside from that the Mi10 is running on 4780 mAh battery and the Mi10 Pro on 4500 mAh. The Mi10 Pro’s battery size is smaller than the Mi10’s which can be explained by the charging capabilities of the two.

The Mi10 Pro has a rate of 50W wired charging and 30W wireless charging. When charged without a wire, you can get your full battery in just 65 minutes! The Mi10 is still impressive nonetheless at 30W wired and wireless charging. Both support reverse charging. Battery won’t be an issue at all.

Moreover you’ll get an in-box 65W charger!

The Mi10 Lite 5G is the budget end of this line. Lite in this smartphone means a lot of things. At 6.57 inches, 7.98mm, and 192 grams, the Mi10 Lite 5G is light. As a result of its diluted price, we’re to expect slightly lesser spec quality. However, even with this downgrade in price, Xiaomi made sure that it’s still competent against current flagships.

The Mi10 Lite 5G harnesses a quasi-flagship SoC with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G with built-in 5g, supported by LiquidCool technology. It has a 48 quad rear camera and 16MP front camera that can shoot slow-motion at 120 fps. Moreover, the Mi10 Lite 5G still supports powerful features like ShootSteady, Nightmode 2.0, Pro Mode, and AI Dynamic Skyscaping.

It’s also with a stunning 6.57” AMOLED TrueColor Display plus an in-screen fingerprint sensor. It’s battery is great as well at 4160 mAh. It has a fast charging speed of 20W.

The Mi10 Pro comes in two colors; Solstice Gray and Alpine White.

Similarly, the Mi10 comes in two colors as well; Coral Green and Twilight Gray.

While the Mi10 Lite 5G comes in three;

Aside from these smartphones, Xiaomi also released smart devices like the MiTV 4S 65”, Mi AIoT Router AX3600, Mi Air Purifier 3H, and Mi True Wireless Earphones 2.

There’s no news of when these will launch in the Philippines nor are there exact Philippine prices, but we’ll get back to you once we get a whiff. Stay tuned for more updates on this amazing launch!

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