Nokia Sports Tracker – My New Favorite App

Oh boy! I can’t recall the last time I was blown away by a smartphone application this good. The Nokia Sports Tracker was first introduced last year for Nokia phones with integrated GPS or paired with a bluetooth GPS receiver. Basically it tracks down your workouts and other data like speed, time and distance, afterwhich you can upload them to the Sports Tracker website.

I installed the Sports Tracker application on my Nokia E61 but since it doesn’t have integrated GPS, I paired it with my Palm Bluetooth GPS receiver that came with my Palm Treo 750. It’s quite geeky for me to hold the Nokia on my right hand and the GPS receiver on my left hand but I had no choice as of the moment.

Here are my workouts:



Once uploaded you can see the map of where your workout was done. Above you’ll see 2 workouts because I accidentally pressed the Stop button instead of Pause. I was shocked by the results because I’ve never thought I’d walked that far! Unbelievable! Seems to me that the Nokia Sports Tracker will inspire me to do more workouts.

Now it’s time for me to get a Nokia phone with built-in GPS!

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