Nokia N95 8GB GPS Problem

Most people I know don’t really have any use for their phone’s integrated GPS. In my case, I use it to my advantage, especially here in Singapore where I am not really familiar with the places and directions. And I’m also fascinated with Nokia’s Sportstracker application which requires GPS, so yes, I do need it.

I’ve been trying to use the integrated GPS for the past 2 weeks with no success. Ok, if I use A-GPS (Assisted GPS with your telco’s network connection) then I’ll be able to connect. The thing is, I don’t want to use my network’s connection (I’m a cheapskate you know) and that would defeat the purpose of having a built-in GPS in the phone. I checked every settings of the phone and tried every solution possible. Nothing worked. With the help of my friend Sgt. Schultz of Pinoy Windows Mobile (isn’t it ironic we’re both Moderators of the Windows Mobile site and our primary devices are Nokia N95 8GBs?) I had him turn off the A-GPS setting of his N95 8GB to check if he will still get connected. He did manage to connect to the GPS satellites, albeit slower. That confirms that my unit’s built-in GPS has a problem. I went to a Nokia store earlier today and was advised to send it in for repairs. I asked if it can be fixed with a software update but the guy insisted that it be sent for repairs.

Bummer! I’ll have to find time soon and have this fixed. A Nokia phone on my right hand and a bluetooth gps on the other is not my idea of having fun while doing my workout.

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