I have a dilemna on what would be my next Nokia smartphone. Listed below are my choices and my comments.



Nokia N95 – It’s cheaper now, since it’s been a year after it was released in the market. The N95 has 3.5G HSDPA, 5.0 Megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens, and built-in GPS aside from the Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. I am fascinated with Qik‘s technology of live streaming videos and the N95 is the perfect tool for it. The N95 almost has all the stuff I need. Almost. The slight problem I see in the N95 is it doesn’t have a QWERTY thumboard. I am so used to QWERTY thumboards on the smartphones I’ve been using these days so I may have a hard time with text entry, e-mails, and instant messaging.


Nokia N95 8GB – It’s an absolute improvement of the N95. Bigger screen, bigger RAM, bigger storage! Nevertheless, it still doesn’t have a thumboard, and it’s still new so definitely it’s still expensive.


Nokia E51 – An elegant business phone. Reminds me of the Dopod 595 Windows Mobile smartphone I’ve used 2 years ago. It also sells at a good price. The screen is too small for me though.


Nokia E61i – The E61i is an upgrade for my current handheld. A noticeable change here is the addition of the 2 Megapixel camera which I think is not bad for Qik’s videos. Thing is, it only has 3G and doesn’t support HSDPA. As much as possible, I want HSDPA on my device.


Nokia E90 – Now this is what I’m talking about! It has everything I needed. Everything! I played with this unit before it was launched in the market. How funny I wasn’t interested back then and now I’m drooling on it. But how much does it cost? The price still doesn’t go down.

So which Nokia would I get? I may still buy the N95 even if it doesn’t have a thumboard. Maybe I can still enter text properly on a normal phone pad. I may also consider the E61i despite the absence of HSDPA. I’ll just have to do a test on Qik and see if it can stream properly on 3G speeds. Now if I can raise enough money for an E90, then my Nokia-lusting will be all over!

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