NLEX Assist Beta App – The Motorists’ Guide for Driving in NLEX



Our mobile phones these days not only works as a form of communication, but can also serve as our guide to the traffic situation here in the metropolis.

First, we have the MMDA app to give us an overview of Metro Manila traffic. Now, Voyager Innovations has introduced the NLEX Assist Beta App. For those who do not know yet, Voyager Innovations Incorporated is the Product Development department and subsidiary of Smart Communications. They were also responsible for developing the Smart Net app and most recently, the partnership with Waze.

The NLEX Assist app can inform motorists if the areas near the toll exits are congested or not. For example, the picture below shows that the Northbound Tabang exit has an “L” status meaning lighter flow of traffic, while the Sta. Rita and Pulilan exits have M-H which means Moderate to Heavy. If the user wants to know what’s happening on the Southbound side of NLEX, just tap on the Southbound button on top.



The app can also let you call the NLEX Emergency Hotline by pressing the phone icon on the upper right portion of the screen. This is definitely a handy feature as I doubt that most of us know their hotline number.


Other features of the app includes alerts and deals. Not much info are found there as of the moment but I was told that deals of partner establishments within the NLEX areas will be added in the next few months.

The app is free from the Google Play Store and needs to be connected to WiFi or GPRS/3G to update the traffic status in the app.

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