New Smart Promos Giga 99 and All Out Surf 99 – Double the Fun and Excitement Online

I subscribe to Giga Surf 50 on my Smart Prepaid account whenever I test smartphones for review. I eventually fount out about Giga Surf 99 which offers and additional 500 MB more than Giga Surf 50 and lasts up to 7 days. It gave me more value because I’m able to be online to test my devices for 1 whole week rather than 3 days. The new Giga 99 promo by Smart was announced today and packs more features than just mobile data.

Subscribing to the new Giga 99 promo will double the data allowance from 1.5GB to 3GB. That’s a lot of data to consume for 1 week! Not only that, subscribers get an additional 600MB for accessing YouTube, iflix, Spinnr, Vimeo, Dailymotion and Dubsmash! That gives subscribers a total of 3.6GB for 7 days!

Wait, there’s more! Most of us are glued to Facebook and we use Facebook Messenger for communicating with friends and loved ones. The good excellent news we also received is we get UNLIMITED USE OF FACEBOOK AND FACEBOOK MESSENGER!!! I honestly doubt that Smart’s competitor is offering a similar promo.

Now we know that Giga 99 is a cool promo for mobile data users, does it include any Call and SMS promos? Sadly, it doesn’t. However, SMART has another offer for users who want to call, text and surf!


Tadaaa!!!! All Out Surf 99 originally comes with 1GB of mobile data, 100 minutes of Tri-Net calls (Smart, Sun, TNT) and unlimited SMS too all networks. Smart doubled the fun for this promo because as of today, All Out Surf 99 now comes with 2GB of mobile data, 200 minute of Tri-Net calls, unlimited SMS to all networks, and…… UNLIMITED ACCESS TO FACEBOOK AND FACEBOOK MESSENGER!!! All Out Surf 99 is also valid for 7 days.

Now, if you always make calls to PLDT landline numbers, no fret because SMART has an offer for you too! With Smart’s UCT 100, you have unlimited calls and text messages to Smart, Sun and TNT (Tri-Net), Unlimited SMS to all networks, Unlimited calls to 5 PLDT numbers, and your mobile data gets doubled from 150MB to 300MB! And again… UNLIMITED ACCESS TO FACEBOOK AND FACEBOOK MESSENGER!!! Unli Calls and Text 100 is also valid for 7 days.

These are very good and compelling promos. If using mobile data is your life, meaning you stream videos, access information online, do livestream on Facebook, or play mobile games, it’s a very good time to subscribe to Smart Prepaid. Again, the Prepaid Promos of the other network has not match for these offers.

DTI – Promo until July 10, 2017. Per DTI-FTEB Permit No. 9197, Series of 2017.

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