New Gadget Bag

‘Been wanting looking for a Crumpler bag after I got myself a UMPC a few months ago. I didn’t like the idea at first because a lot of Singaporeans here have these bags and I wanted to be different. The Crumpler fevah eventually hit me since their designs are undeniably cool and they have some bags that are suited for smaller laptops. I didn’t know where they can be bought before and I settled for a laptop bag from Esprit.

Esprit Bag 

The Esprit laptop bag has a Crumpler look and has several pockets with zippers. The laptop compartment (it can fit a 14″ laptop) is very well padded and this will protect my UMPC from careless bumps. What made me seal the purchase is its price. I bought it for only $65.00 and that is a very good deal for a designer laptop bag.

After a couple of months of using the bag, I thought that the bag is too big for me to bring. I rarely bring my AC adapter, USB DVD-ROM and other cables and chargers. What’s the point of bringing a big bag, right? I was also disappointed that the 2 bottle holders on each side of the bag were torn, and they’re kinda ugly to look at. Not really a big issue, but I just need a smaller bag to carry my UMPC and some necessary stuff I want to bring.

Torn Esprit bag

So I made a trip to 2 Crumpler stores on different occasions, one in Wheelock Place and the other in Paragon Plaza. I found a smaller bag alright but the price is a bit too high for me. I figured I should wait for the right time – meaning when they have a SALE on their bags. A friend of mine, Janice, who used to be a colleague in our college newspaper and now based here in Singapore, gave me a tip about a Crumpler store in Raffles City Shopping Mall. This afternoon with nothing to do I decided to visit Raffles and looked for the store. It’s a small Crumpler store compared to the other 2 I’ve visited before, but they have the kind of bag I’ve been looking for.

Crumpler The Skivvy

I bought myself “The Skivvy”. Compared to my Esprit bag, The Skivvy only has 2 compartments – one for the laptop and the other for small accessories. This is the perfect bag for me! My 7″ Kohjinsha UMPC and AC Adaptor, digital camera, mobile phones and small accessories would definitely fit inside the Skivvy. Even when I buy the Tekkeon battery pack I reckon it will still fit inside the bag.

Inside the Skivvy

How much did it cost? The Crumpler bag (I forgot the bag’s name) I was supposed to buy cost $135.00. The Skivvy is only worth $81.00. For a Crumpler bag, this is a steal for me!

Can’t wait to use Mr. Skivvy tomorrow, and I don’t care if I’m one of the many people here in Singapore who use Crumpler lah! (Okay, that “lah” expression indeed makes me one of them 😀 )

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