Netflix is Now Available in the Philippines!

Another threat to the Cable TV industry has arrived today. Netflix has just activated its VOD (video on demand) services here in the Philippines, offering the consumers the latest TV series and Movie content where they can watch on any of their devices. I heard of this rumor last year when VOD services are starting to become big here with the entry of Iflix and Hooq.

According to the Netflix website which can be accessed at, the basic subscription package cost Php 370, Standard at Php 460, and Premium at Php 550. These rates are comparable to the packages that our Cable TV companies are offering. The main difference here is Netflix users can either watch these content in their living room with their Smart TV or streamed through Google Chromecast, or go outside and continue to watch their favorite shows on their mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops.


Signup process is very easy and all of the packages gives you a free month subscription. You’ll need to enter your credit card or PayPal account but you can cancel the subscription before your free month ends.


Apps for iOS and Android are already available. I was able to download it on my iPhone 6s Plus and it’s working well. As of the moment, the content is quite okay but to be honest, I like the content of Iflix more where I am in the middle of a FREE 3 month subscription and would only pay Php 99 a month afterwards.

I just found out that the content offered here in the Philippines is different from the ones offered in the U.S. No wonder. Those with U.S. subscriptions here in the Philippines, don’t switch yet! Let’s see if Netflix will continue to update its content.

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