NBA 2K14 for PS3 Winner!



Our deadline to join the #DRGiveaways3 for the NBA 2K14 PS3 game is over and it’s time to choose the winner. Who could the winner be?

Actually, I was able to choose a winner, thrice. Unfortunately, those who were chosen earlier did not follow the rules of the contest, most especially this section: “Contest is valid only for residents in the Philippines.” I had no choice but to pick another one until I found a winner.

So finally, the winner of the NBA 2K14 PS3 game is Mr. Leo Rances Garcia! Congratulations Leo! I will contact you via Twitter and email on how you can claim your prize.

Thanks everyone for joining the NBA 2K14 PS3 contest. Thanks to X-Play for the NBA 2K14 game. I’m sure Leo will enjoy playing it 🙂

There will be another DR Giveaways pretty soon so make sure your internet browsers are set on this blog!

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