MyPhone Rio 2 Craze for only Php 1,999!

I don’t normally recommend buying Android smartphones for this price. However, the specs seen in the MyPhone Rio 2 Craze are pretty good for its pricetag of Php 1,999 so I might as well post it here. Check out the specs!


OS: Android 4.4.2 KitKat
Processor: 1.3 GHz Dual-Core processor
Display: 4-inch Display
Memory: 4GB Internal Storage, 512MB RAM
Camera: 2.0 Megapixels (Main Camera), Front Camera (Unspecified)
SIM Card Slot: 2x Regular SIM Card Required
SRP: Php 1,999.00

Two years ago we reviewed the Cherry Mobile Snap and the Cherry Mobile Jade, two smartphones that are priced below Php 2,000.00. It gained a lot of interest and even I have published the Jade during Christmas of 2013, it still made people to post comments until almost a year later. Some comments weren’t that good though as they complain about the small internal storage and limited RAM. As much as I want to persuade them to save an extra Php 1,000 to buy a decent Php 2,999 smartphone, we have to understand that’s the only amount they can spend for an Android smartphone.

The specs of the Rio Craze 2 looks promising because I think 4GB of Internal Storage is quite a lot for its price range. That would let the user install Facebook, Instagram, and games. Compared to the puny internal storage of the Snap and Jade, all the user can install are FB and a couple more apps before they get a warning for low storage.

We’ll see if we can loan a review unit from our friends in MyPhone after we publish our full review of the MyPhone Infinity 2 Lite sometime this week.

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