My Huawei Watch GT 2e – A Secretary and Nurse on my Wrist

I’ve been wearing my Huawei Watch GT 2e for almost a month now and it looks like I won’t be changing to another smarwatch anytime soon. The Watch GT 2e can do most of the things I require in a smartwatch and a lot more by supporting 15 professional workouts and 86 custom workouts. While I’m not active in sports anymore, this sporty smartwatch still keeps me healthy, and at the same time, make my life convenient.

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My ailments have prevented me from participating in physical activities. As of the moment, my doctors only recommended me to do walking as my regular exercise. With the Huawei Watch GT 2e, I am able to track my walking time, average pace and calories burned. Not only that, it also keeps track of my average heart rate while doing the walking exercise, which I think is very important.

I can find more information about my exercise by accessing the Huawei Health App that is synced to my GT 2e. The Health app informs me how many steps I took, elevation and descent, average speed, cadence and stride. It even shows me the map of my route and this is saved on the phone as well. This is my first time to see a smartwatch that offers so much details. I plan to show this to a fitness coach soon so I can consult on making improvements.

Like most smartbands and smartwatches, the GT 2e smartwatch also records my heart rate. However, most of these wearables cannot record SpO2 and Stress levels. Every time I have my dialysis treatment, our nurses would check my blood pressure and attach a Pulse Oximeter every hour on one of my fingers. The latter checks if I have enough oxygen in my blood. Apparently, my GT 2e smartwatch also has that feature. I turned on SpO2 in my watch’s menu and in a few seconds it was able to show me the results. They were almost identical with our nurse’s Pulse Oximeter.

The amount of work I’ve done during the lockdown almost doubled. On top of that are the negative news that I watch, hear or read so they also add up to my stress. My GT 2e smartwatch can check my stress levels and thankfully, it hasn’t gone through the roof. I hope it stays that way.

One of my issues I have is sleep. Ever since I was diagnosed with Kidney Failure four years ago, my doctors kept on reminding me to always have enough sleep. Around that time, I was already using the Huawei Band and it was an effective wearable in tracking down my sleeping habits. The GT 2e smartwatch is able to track down my sleep too, but it gives even more useful information about my sleep. It can tell me the kind of sleep I had the night before. In this example, the Huawei Health app showed majority of my sleep was light with several instances of deep sleep. It also shows how many times I was awake that night. The Health app gives me the score for my sleep and tips on how to improve it.


The Huawei Watch GT 2e is also like my secretary in my wrist. Sometimes, I have to place my Huawei P40 Pro inside my pocket or bag, and because of this, I tend to miss answering calls or text messages. Since I enabled notifications on my GT 2e, I can be notified whether someone has called me, or sent me a text message/email/private message. It also notifies me of my next meeting, a task reminder or a simple notification from a friend in one of my social networking apps. As long as I wear my watch, I am confident I won’t miss any important calls or messages. If I do not want to be disturbed, my GT 2e has a Do Not Disturb function I can turn on.

The GT 2e also reminds me if I’m sitting too long in my chair. According to, there are 13 reasons why too much sitting is bad to your health, especially to your heart. You’ll also gain some weight too and all the exercises you’ve done will go to waste.

Other cool features my smartwatch does is its MP3 Playback and Remote Shutter function. The GT 2e can store up to 4GB worth of MP3 files which I can listen to with a pair of bluetooth earphones. The remote shutter function is a very useful feature too if nobody else can take my photo.

Lastly, in case I forget where I placed my phone, I can simply use the Find Phone feature of my watch. My P40 Pro rang and kept on saying ‘I’M HERE!”

Now, the common problem with smartwatches nowadays is battery life. I think it’s the main reason why these types of watches are not able to take off years ago. I’ve used smartwatches before and their battery life is terrible. With the Huawei Watch GT 2e’s smart power saving feature, I only charge this smartwatch once every two weeks. YES, TWO WEEKS!

These are the reasons why I rely on my Huawei Watch GT 2e to manage my health and lifestyle. For only P6,990, this is money well spent for a secretary and nurse worn on my wrist.

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