MSI MPG B550 Motherboards Announcement

Things are definitely going to be interesting with the release of these new AMD B550 chipset motherboards. And MSI is proud to announce the upcoming B550 motherboards for their MPG lineup. There will be four MSI MPG B550 motherboards coming soon and these are: MPG B550 Gaming Carbon WiFi, MPG B550 Gaming Edge WiFi, MPG B550I Gaming Edge WiFi, and MPG B550 Gaming Plus. All of the ATX motherboards will support Mystic Light RGB LED Effects with 1.68 million colors and 29 LED Effects; allowing gamers a wide set of combinations to customize.  Let’s go over two of the boards in the next section.

MSI MPG B550 Gaming Carbon WiFi


The motherboard design is based on the design of super cars. The Gaming Carbon WiFi comes with a larger aluminum cover for the VRM heat sinks. It has a 7W/mK level thermal & choke pad included to keep temperature down and best heat transfer possible.


For power delivery, it has a 12+2+1 Digital Power with Doubler Design allowing us gamers to sustain maximum performance with 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen Processors. Combining 8+4 pin power connectors and Core Boost technology will give better stability when running higher end CPUs.

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The MPG B550 GAMING CARBON WIFI provides high-speed data transfers in every aspect. Lightning fast Gen 4 Solution; including M.2 with M.2 Shield Frozr and PCI-E is the latest data transfer solution. 2.5G LAN and Wi-Fi 6 also ensure the fastest network experiences.

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MSI MPG B550I Gaming Edge WiFi

As the only MSI B550 mini-ITX motherboard, the MPG B550I GAMING EDGE WIFI is designed with the latest technology. Plus it has features to satisfy gamers’ needs in a compact package.


Sporting an 8+2+1 Direct Power Phases with Dr.MOS 60A, the premium power design ensures maximum performance. And an eight layer PCB with 2oz thickened copper also provides a stable environment for high-speed transmission for PCIe 4.0 technology.


An effective and improved cooling solution is also essential for a mini-ITX motherboard. MPG B550I GAMING EDGE WIFI is equipped with Extended Heatsink Design with 7W/mK level thermal and additional choke pad. The MOSFET Baseplate also has greater improvement for the thermal issue. A M.2 Shield Frozr with Frozr Heatsink Design is ready to lower temperature and prevent throttling for M.2 devices. It includes a double ball bearings fan and Zero Frozr Technology for increased airflow.


It supports 4K display with up to 4096×[email protected], and the latest HDMI 2.1 port provides higher bandwidth for better graphics performance. Premium network solution including 2.5G LAN and Wi-Fi 6 offers better wired and wireless connection.

Other Information

To know more about the other B550 Motherboards from MSI, visit this page:

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