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My first attempt of liveblogging didn’t materialize as my SMART 3G connection failed on me during the Asus Press Launch. I’ve recorded some videos and in the process of posting them online. To the readers referred by my good buddy, Mr. Technograph, my apologies for only posting this tonight.


The Asus EEE PC 1000H is the latest netbook launched by the Taiwan-based company after releasing the 701 last year and the 900 back in May. There are several notable improvements on the 1000H, such as the bigger 10″ display, a 6-cell battery, which Asus claims can last up to 8 hours, larger memory drive, Bluetooth & WiFi 802.11n and the much-awaited Intel Atom processor. I’ve been confused by the press kit at first, but I was able to confirm with Asus Philippine Country Manager Leon Yu that the 1000H comes with an 80GB HDD, and not the faster SSD drive mentioned in the kit. This makes sense because first of all, 64GB is the largest SSD memory as of today and second, it’s very expensive. Asus chose to go with the HDD route because customers want their computers to have a larger memory at an affordable price. In this case, this would be the first EEE PC that is not shock-proof, contrary to what is stated in the PR given by Asus.


Though the live unit I played with runs on Linux, the EEE PC 1000H will come with Windows XP Home. What finally made Asus drop the Linux platform, we don’t know but our guess is most of the customers want to use Windows anyway and making them convert their OS will drive them away to other netbook brands.

Black and white colors are now available in the market but Asus will bring in more colors soon – Sakura, Sweet Pea, Urban Metropolis, White Peony and Fine Ebony.

Basic CMYK

Ok, so how much is the suggested retail price? Yugatech almost got it right but the amount mentioned during the event is Php29,900.00.

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