Mobilogako is born! (my first techblog)

(note: this entry was published at March of 2006)

It started out unexpectedly but it’s about time i start to get the ball rolling on my new tech blog!

Hello! My name is Reggie Ramos and I welcome you to my blogsite. Some of you may have known or heard of me on different user-groups related to mobile technology. You could’ve seen me walking around the busy streets of Makati talking to someone using a MS Smartphone. Or typing away articles or blog entries on my Pocket PC online via WiFi at Seattle’s Best Coffee or Shell Select Magallanes. Or pretending to be a dummy asking stupid questions from Sales people in various tech shops, eventually leaving them scratching their heads after failing to answer my thought-provoking questions.

Currently I’m the Forum Moderator of Pinoy Windows Mobile ( and Airfagev ( both of which are about Windows Mobile devices. Although I promote other platforms in general to suit each and everyone’s lifestyle, I prefer the Windows Mobile platform as it is the only one that can meet my demands. Whenever, wherever.

I’ve been hit by the “blog-bug” since June of 2004. Once in a while I write my thoughts about mobile devices as well as technology in general. I’m a frustrated writer (I used to dream of becoming a Photo-Journalist when I was still a kid) and I vowed to write as often as I could to improve my craft. Who knows, maybe I’ll be the future Editor-in-Chief of! He he he!

Anyway, this blog is supposedly shared with a friend who has vanished from our radars for the past few months. I know he’s still alive, because I still see him online in Friendster. We have great ideas in mind to put up this blog, and I am willing to continue putting these ideas into use. Besides, I hate being common. You see tech blogs here and there, but they’re all the same.

And that’s why this blog is gonna be different. Just stay tuned! 🙂

For the meantime, try to say MOBILOGAKO ten times!!

After that, (whether you understand what you’re saying or not) then I welcome you to MOBILOGAKO, not your usual Mobility Blog! 😀

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