MiLi Enters Mobile Apps and Smart Devices Game with iData and Mili Pure

MiLi has gone beyond its signature power banks with the launch of its two new products, the iData and the Mili Pure, signalling the company’s entry into the arena of mobile apps and smart devices.

iData 04

The iData paired with the MiLiiData App is a complete on-the-go package. It takes mobile file management to a whole new level as it can connect to any laptop, computer, or phone like any USB flash drive. When plugged to an iPhone or an iPad, the iData is able to easily transfer information with no compatibility issues. It’s slim and sleek, and comes in iterations of 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 124GB. The iData will be officially available this June.

mili pure

From data mobility, MiLi has also created a milestone by offering its first product from a new line of devices for personal wellness. MiLi Pure is a portable skin moisture detector that provides readings within 5 seconds of contact on a person’s face, hands, neck, and on the area around the eyes. It has a downloadable supporting app that uses low-energy Bluetooth to show results, and is able to record before-and-after data for skin products. The MiLi Pure will be available in the third quarter of this year and will be offered to institutions and enterprises.

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