Microsoft Brings Cortana to PCs with Windows 10

Microsoft Brings Cortana to PCs with Windows 10

With the goal of making a unified system across all devices that can be interacted with naturally through voice, gesture, and even gaze, Microsoft has given Windows 10 a huge boost. Windows 10 Startup Windows 10, which will be free to all Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 users who upgrade in the first year after the launch, is to become “the largest-ever open collaborative development effort Microsoft has ever shipped”. This is through the Windows Insider Program, which has garnered over 800,000 pieces of feedback from developers from around the world, bringing about several interesting updates:

Cortana will be made available to tablets and PCs

Cortana, the Halo AI turned real-world personal assistant will now be able to help users across all Windows platforms, including your desktop computer. This means that several actions on your PC can now be controlled via voice.

Spartan will replace Internet Explorer

Microsoft will finally retire Internet Explorer, replacing it with Project Spartan. This next-generation browser is said to be faster and more reliable, with features direct-to-webpage keyboard and pen annotation and Cortana integration.

Windows 10 will launch for phone and tablets with universal apps

As Windows 10 is to be the one OS to rule them all, users will experience smooth to zero transition from PC to mobile devices. This means that previously hard-to-access apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook will seamlessly run on any device, synced through OneDrive.

The Xbox App will bring the Xbox experience to Windows 10

Gamers will now have on-the-go access to Xbox Live and play games across all devices. Probably one of the greatest things about this is that “players will be able to play games on their PC, streamed directly from their Xbox One consoles to their Windows 10 tablets or PCs, within their home”.

Windows 10 will introduce Continuum Mode

Continuum Mode will enable easy transition between keyboard/mouse and touch/tablet on 2in1 devices. Windows 10 Interface What do you think about the improvements on Windows 10?

Source: Windows Blog

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