Maxell’s New Innovation with M Series Headphones



I’ve known Maxell as a brand name for cassette tapes back in the 80s and I have that surreal feeling upon seeing its logo on a headphones’ packaging.

Maxell is known for making classic open reel audio tapes in the 1960s to cassette tapes and CDs in the 90s. They have added earphones to its product line in 2006, and they now have a new innovation that will make music enthusiasts consider it as the best set of earphones in the market today.

Based on new acoustic theory and technology, the “M” series which includes the MXH-BDA700, MXH-DD600, and MXH-CA200 earphones offer more than just music to the ears. The M series earphones are uniquely shaped to allow its dynamic driver units to reach maximum performance. These driver units are installed strategically in the earphones to create a superb sound field that produce rich and high clarity sound. With a high modulus aluminum case as its body to reduce acoustic vibration, the M series provide exceptional and uncompromising sound quality.


The “M” series is designed to sit comfortably in the ear. Tiny enclosures and silicon tips make them almost unnoticeable with nothing to cause any discomfort. The MXH-CA200, particularly, is designed to curve along the line of ears to give a comfortable wear. Aside from giving the ultimate audio experience, Maxell adds a touch of style to the flagship models with a distinctive “M” mark engraved on its body that signifies “music” and the brand name. The M series is an excellent after-market earphone for the Philippines’ growing number of smartphone users. According to IDC, a leading market research firm, the Philippines has 3.6M smartphone users which is expected to grow by 1M every year.

The launch of the new earphone range indicates an exciting time for Maxell. Mr. Yuji Kano, Marketing Manager of Maxell Singapore, antipicates a huge area of growth for the company.  He added, “Since the era of audio tapes, Maxell has strictly adhered to its philosophy of fundamental sound. Under a system integrated from product planning  to design, quality assurance and sales, we are confident that these three flagship models will be most popular items in Maxell Earphones Range.

MXH-CA200 (Green)

The MXH-BDA700, MXH-DD600, and MXH-CA200 will be available in the Philippines in November through Maxell’s authorized resellers and  kiosks, with a suggested retail price of Php 6,299, Php 4,499 and Php 1,099 respectively.

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