Marshall’s New Audio Devices Will Rock Your World

Soundphiles, we’ve got exciting news for you — from headphones to speakers, Marshall has recently introduced new products for your discriminating ears.


Marshall Mode (1)
Meet Marshall Mode and Mode EQ, the two newest additions to the Marshall headphone family. Ergonomically designed to be comfortably worn, these babies deliver more than what you expect them to with their high-output sound at minimal distortion.

Marshall Mode comes in black with white brass and costs Php3,150, while Marshall Mode EQ comes in black and gold brass and is tagged at Php4,450.


Marshall Acton (1)
Push surround sound a notch higher with the Marshall Action speaker. This deceivingly small Bluetooth-compatible device can pack a punch with its powerful bass and Hi-Fi qualities which you can fine tune using its three analogue interaction knobs. Set it up in your office or your home for a great audio experience.

The Marshall Action comes in vintage black and cream, and goes for Php15,850.

Marshall Woburn (3)
If you’re looking to rock more than just your cubicle, check out the Marshall Woburn speaker. It’s “crafted to deliver accurate response throughout the frequency range”, so you’ll get to enjoy clean trebles and bass. You can also customize your sound experience with analog treble, bass, and volume knobs, as well as control its usage with two standby modes.

The Marshall Woburn is priced at Php28,500.

The new Marshall audio devices are now available at Astroplus, Avid Surfer, Beyond the Box, BZB Gadget Hive, Cebu Audiophile, Complink, Digital Arena, Digital Hub, Digital Walker, E-Central, Egghead, Heima, iCenter, iCon, iStore, iStudio, Lazada (online), Listen Up, Listening Room, Mobile 1, Odyssey, PC Hub, PowerHub, Quicksound, Republik, Senco Link, SM Music & Video, Spectra, Stored Inc, Switch, Sync, Technoholics, TechSavvy, TechShop, and Technopop.

Watch out for Digital Reg’s review of the Marshall Mono earphones this month!

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