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While staring at the Central Business District of Makati City during my recent staycation, I reminisced the early years that eventually lead me to become a tech enthusiast. Even with my elephant memory starting to shrink in recent years, I am still able to remember my “firsts” in the world of technology. How can I not forget our first home computer – an Apple ][ knockoff which we bought in Greenhills 30 years ago! My first mobile phone was a second-hand Nokia 1610 which I bought from a classmate in 1999. When I demanded for a phone that can act like a computer, I got myself my first smartphone, the Smart Amazing Phone running on Microsoft’s Smartphone 2002 platform in 2003.

Smart Amazing Phone

My list of firsts went on throughout out the years, and even up to this date in 2015 it still continues. Why?

It’s not just about the latest gadgets anymore. It’s about the latest innovations introduced to humanity that continues to change our lifestyle for the better.

Think about these things: What would our life be if we didn’t have social network sites like Facebook? What if we are not allowed to work anywhere and are always required to report to the office? How can you take a vacation when there is no time to visit a Travel agency?

Thanks to Upwork (formerly, I can work anywhere, anytime! I stayed in Boracay for 1 month and worked in front of the beach!

Thanks to Upwork (formerly, I can work anywhere, anytime! I stayed in Boracay for 1 month and worked in front of the beach!

Thanks to innovations like Facebook, we are able to get in touch with family, friends even if the last time you saw these people was 20 years ago. Thanks to (formerly and, people can get jobs online and work wherever they feel like working. Thanks to Agoda and other travel websites, people can just book their flights and hotels using their PC or mobile devices.

You may not know it, but some of us are already living The Smart Life!

No need for me to hail a cab thanks to Uber

No need for me to hail a cab thanks to Uber

I have been living The Smart Life ever since I owned my first smartphone. Nowadays, I have multiple devices that I carry around with me wherever I go and each device can do multiple roles. While others try their best to hail a cab, I use the Uber Mobile app for a private driver to fetch me and bring me to my destination. Instead of staying in an expensive hotel for my staycation, I used Airbnb’s service to look for a decent condo with fabulous views and paid the reservation with my smartphone. While bystanders in malls try to find a better spot watching a basketball game outside a resto, I  use the Viewstream app and watch it directly on my phone via my fast Smart LTE connection. Oh, and I always get in touch with my good friend based in L.A., co-workers based in India, U.S. and several parts of the Philippines via Skype while working at the comforts of my home.

Living The Smart Life is fantastic – it breaks free from the limitations I’ve had before. Just remember these 3 things about The Smart Life:

– It’s Entertainment I can experience Everywhere.

– It’s Convenience I can experience Everywhere.

– It’s Peace of Mind I can experience Everywhere.

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