LG Reports Record-breaking Sales for Q3

LG Reports Record-breaking Sales for Q3

In the closing of this year’s 3rd Quarter, LG has reported record-breaking sales of 16.8 million smartphone units, a 16 percent increase from its 2nd Quarter report.

LG Electronics says that earnings reached $4.14 while operation income was posted at $163.16; the highest reported since the third quarter of 2009.

This was largely brought about by the success of the LG G3, which has been touted as “2014’s Smartphone of the Year”. Other releases included the phablet G Pro 2, the G2 Mini, and phones from the Series III.

“LG has been continuously growing its market share in the country, especially in the premium mobile segment with the introduction of the LG G3,” said Jay Won, Vice President of LG Mobile Philippines. “We look forward in delivering more innovative mobile products that will not just strengthen our foothold, but also cater to the more Filipinos’ increasingly mobile and connected lifestyle.”

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